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Tired of the Unrealistic Movement Speed? Tired of having to Move, Stop, Move, Stop, Move... when following an NPC? Then you are ready to MUV to MuvRoDah!
ESL flagged, So you don't have to worry about it taking precious space in your load order :D

Permissions and credits
Mod Features:


Basic Movement Changes:
Walking Speed Increased
Running Speed Decreased 
Sprinting Speed Increased
Walking has a purpose! 

Sneak Changes: 
Sneak (Walking) Speed Decreased 
Sneak (Running) Speed Decreased 
Finally feels like you are actually sneaking! 

Combat Changes:
Speed while Aiming, Blocking, and Casting Magic Increased
Directional Movement is also much faster now (Left / Right)!
Other Speeds have also been changed to fit the Basic ones :D

Swimming Changes:
Swimming (Walking) Speed 
Swimming (Running) Speed Decreased 
Animations feel more fitting now ;D

Other Changes:
NPCs Now walk and run at the same speed as you!
Changed Jogging and FastWalk of NPCs to be the same as their Walk and Run (The Only Player States)


1.1 (5/4):
• Improved Compatability (Better Jumping momentum should now work properly)
• Sprinting further increased (500 vanilla -> 525 1.0 -> 550 1.1)

1.0 (1/4):
• Release! 


Just install with your favorite Mod Manager ;D


Just remove the mod with your favorite Mod Manager, easy as that! 
Safe to remove mid-game too!

also Flagged as ESL!
!If you are using the addons WITH the Mod, Load them AFTER the main file (MuvRoDah.esp)!

Even More Realistic Sneaking - Makes sneaking slower, both in walk and run. For those looking for complete realism! 
     Can Be Used With or Without the Mod!
Even More Realistic Running - Makes running slower (The default movement, when you press 'w' with nothing else)
     Can Be Used With or Without the Mod!

Should be Compatible with any mod, as it only changes speed values.
If you are using 360 Movement behavior by DServent, and still want the changes by this mod, download the compatible ALPHA version.

If you have any mod that changes speed values (Only NPCs for now ;D) load MuvRoDah after it, (put it lower in your load order) if you want to have the Speed Changes too :D

Feel free to recommend any features you would like to see in the future!

Wolfmark - NPCs Speed Fix Thanks!
NordwarUA - Authentic Legion (Armor in the thumbnail) Great Work! Thanks!