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Adds Khajiit band in taverns and replaces tavern ambient music with a medieval pop music..

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  • Polish
Adds Khajiit band in selected taverns/inn:
Riverwood Sleeping Giant
Whiterun Bannered Mare
Riften Bee and Barb
Markarth Silver Blood
Solitude Winking Skeeever
Windhel Candlehearth Hall

Replaces tavern ambient music with a medieval pop music..

Suggest to max your music slider in System Settings.

Now includes jayserpa version in optional files..
with added features like giving gold to the band for gift of charity and many more.

Install with your mod manager or extract manually to you skyrim folder.

Known issue:
Music is stopped when the in-house bard sings.
Taverns without the band plays the music replacer.
Missing band member (taking a break)

for black face bug, try the blackfacebug fix mod, or setnpcweight to 100 to the npc..

*this is my first published mod