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A port of Archon Entertainment's Heimfeigr mod. A mysterious new Nordic Tomb located north of Winterhold.

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Heimfeigr was released as a teaser for the now-canceled Luftharaan mod project. Heimfeigr "Heym-fey-ger" meaning Home of the Dead is 5 cell dungeon and contains a scripted boss fight made with similar principles to those of WoW or Diablo. It also features a couple puzzles and custom music. The dungeon will take from 30 minutes to an hour to complete and is designed to be clearable by anyone level 10 or above. Bring plenty of torches and be sure to empty your pockets before entering; there's a lot of loot to find!

To get to Heimfeigr, you'll need to find an old boat on the coast of the Sea of Ghosts underneath the College of Winterhold.

This mod is a port of Archon Entertainment's Heimfeigr, and I had no involvement in its creation.

Relevant permission from the original mod page: This .esp file, Heimfeigr, and Luftahraan are the property of Archon Entertainment. If you wish to upload Heimfeigr to another modding website it is not necessary to seek our permission, but you must include a link to the nexus page of the mod and give full credit to Archon Entertainment, as well as making it clear that you are neither the author of the mod nor in any way affiliated with its development.