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Like collecting gear, but don't want to make a whole THING out of it? Try the Interdimensional Chambers!

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UPDATE: The issue with followers being unable to enter the Chambers has been resolved with Navmesh fixes. Followers will now always enter, and can be assigned to live there if an appropriate mod is installed!

Like this mod? It wasn't me, it was Digital_Shinobi. Visit his profile to leave endorsements, kudos, and maybe even buy him a coffee!

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From: Digital_Shinobi
Date: Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 12:32 AM
Subject: My Skyrim Special Edition Mod
To: binkoidotron


'Chambers' is a minimalistic and very detailed player home connected to a portal located in the snowy mountains of the Pale. Chambers was designed to function as a efficient home for a variety of player builds and preferences while prioritizing simplicity.

Features & Info:

• All basic player home amenities
• All crafting workstations plus imbuing chamber.
• Excellently placed static decoration and clutter.
• Conveniently placed storage.
• Two bookcases, both have infinite book storage.
• Dedicated spot for a horse, it auto-spawns there upon fast traveling back home.
• To obtain this player home just find it and move in.
• Fully navmeshed for followers.
• Masters sorted and mod cleaned with SSE Edit.
• A "Withdraw Gold" button (located in the loot pile) that gives 2k gold per press. To not use this feature simply delete the contents of scripts folder and the button won't function.

Mod Manager or Automatic Install requires no special instructions

After completing either of the above and to quickly experience this mod without having to start a new game, create a character, etc. at the main menu type: ~This will bring up the console, then type this and hit enter: coc exdimchambers

It will then load you directly into my mod to view it on a test character named Prisoner.[font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]

No known issues.


Skyrim Special Edition (Up-To-Date)

Recommended Mods:

• Followers & Npcs can live with you.
• Spawn Chest

Note: The above link is a vanity gesture. If you wish any donation to go to Shinobi, please let me know via private message.