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New fluffy Highland Cows, with customized FUSA meshes and new shell textures

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 Thank you for your support, you are awesome!

Well where to begin.......? 
We all know that many curiosities can be found throughout the world of Skyrim. Some might be questionable design choices,
but others are definitely complete failures. Unfortunately the Highland Cows are part of the latter. 

Rally's Highland Cows was my first attempt to enhance the visual appearance of these animals, but there´s only so much
you can do without starting to tear that whole model appart or rebuliding it from scratch.

This replacer aims to improve the looks by using a customized FUSA mesh with additional layers and the corresponding
shell textures. It covers both versions of the cow, default and painted.                        

This mod is available in two versions
- Vanilla Replacer - requires the plugin from this FOMOD
- FUSA Replacer - if you have the Fusax2.esp installed, the shaggycows plugin in NOT needed

Download with your prefered mod manager, install and overwrite when promted

Disable/uninstall the mod from your manager or remove the files from your Skyrim directory

This replacer should be compatible with everything. In case of a conflict, just overwrite when prompted

TheRetroCarrot Co-Author, additional shell layers and UV/Texture tweaks. Thanks for going down the stony road with me to tackle this cursed project.
You´re the best, kudos buddy! 

StoneSpiralGaming for testing and emotional support  

Credit and huge kudos to Vicn for their great FusaFusa Project that served as base for this mod.

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