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This is a retexture of the Glass weapon set.

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I've decided to upload my glass weapons retexture mod for the Skyrim Special Edition aswell, in all fairness they look better in this version, as the lighting/shadows add quite a bit of depth, added all new images so matches with the changes in SSE (also my old pictures were too dark lol).

Now with SSE being out i might actually finish that armor set at some point to go along with this, i've just been too busy with other things.


Just drop the downloaded files in your skyrim folder.

this is a re-upload from my glass weapon version on the regular skyrim nexus.
After having played skyrim over the years, I never really liked the look of the glass weapons, they just looked too plain to me, and I never used them on any of my playthroughs.

That changes now after my retexture, be gone with the dull looking glass weapons! I've spent a painstaking amount of time on each weapon separately to get them to my liking, I quite like a realistic look to my modded skyrim, not too much of a bright/oversaturated world, just keeping it real, so I made the weapons as close as possible to those specifications.

Video of the glass mace i worked on:

Glass weapons are made out of refined malachite, the malachite has a blue/green glow to it, so I wanted to make the weapons look more like that.

First of all the green glass is replaced with a blue glass, but I didn't want to just get rid of ALL the green, no no, I wanted to keep a good mixture of blue/green with blue being the main color, this effect ended up really nice in game, when the reflection of the sun hits it, or just any lighting reflection a nice shade of green glows over the blue color, just to add more depth really.

The metal is also retextured, I didn't want to just do some simple contrast/saturation balancing, no I wanted to give the metal a lot more detail.