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High Resolution face textures for Men (Human and Mer)

Permissions and credits
Fine Face Textures for Men SSE
Link to this mod for old Skyrim

High res (2k) face texture replacer for men.

What this mod does
Replaces default male face textures in the game. 

What this mod contains:

- Diffuse texture without stubble, which works good with vanilla or modded stubble and beards.
- Reworked normal maps for Human and Mer races and for older men (Elderly Race).
- Two new freckles complexions for men which will replace the Rough skin complexions.
- Reworked detail maps for 40 Years Old and 40 years Old Rough.

How to install and uninstall

Go to download section, choose the main files, and click the big, green "Download With NMM"  button. Then install from the NMM application.
Uninstallation does not require of you to do anything in game. To uninstall just uninstall the mod with the NMM application.

Click "Download Manually". Unzip the file, and merge the file named "Data" with Skyrim's Data folder. (Usually found within Program Files>Steam>steam>apps>common>Skyrim Special Edition).


- This file is NEXUS EXCLUSIVE. I did not give, or want to give a permission for any kind of reupload. If I want this file to be reuploaded to any other site, I am perfectly capable of doing it myself. So please:
- Do NOT reupload it elsewhere, including Steam Workshop.
- Do not reupload it here on Nexus either, claiming it as your own work.
- Do not include these textures in any retexture megapack mods. I don't want to give any permissions for that.
- Don't use these textures in commercial purpose. Meaning don't use them in in any mods/files that are being sold for money on Steam Workshop or other platforms.

Otherwise you can use the textures contained in this upload in your mods, providing that:

1.You will give credit and a link back to this mod page in your mod description, readme file and in your mod's Credits Section.

2. You will also credit and link back the mods of the following authors:
 Geonox for High Res Face Maps for Men
 pikkatze for Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents

Thanks and credits

- First of all HUGE thanks to my friend migal130, without whom none of my mods would ever come to existence, for all his help and expertise and all his in-depth explanations, and for his great mods.
- Many thanks and credits to Geonox: High Res Face Maps for Men, pikkatze: Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents, - Chris57 and FavoredSoul: Better males
- yllib for the black subsurface maps idea from his No More Ugly Bronze Shine mod.
- Huge thanks to my friends Earrindo and  VectorPlexus for their wonderful SAM - Shape Atlas for Men mod and giving me permission to use their PSD resources for neck seam and for their friendship and all their help and useful advices. 
- Many thanks to SvarogNL for his help and expertise.
- Many thanks to Apachii, Zzjay, navetsea, BellaGail for their great mods, their in-depth explanations and help - this mod wouldn't be possible   without you.
- Huge thank to Netherwalk and Faeriexdecay for testing, great screenshots and of course for moderating the comments ;)
- Many thanks to Keepwaiting for skin texture brushes.
- Huge thanks to Dave Nagel for Texturing skin in Adobe Photoshop tutorial and  Nagel Series Brushes
- Nifskope team for Nifskope.
- Nvidia for Texture tools.
- Many thanks to my testers and image contributors for their support and their wonderful screenshots. 
- And last but not least - The Nexus Network, for providing and maintaining such a great place for modders to share their work.