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Reduces the number of cure disease potions that appear in loot and in vendor inventories

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I made this mod in response to a question on Reddit about making cure disease potions rarer. This replaces all "guaranteed" cure disease potions (except for handplaced potions in the game world) with only a chance of having one or more potions available:

  • Elite Vigilants of Stendarr, Elite Dawnguard members, and all Silver Hand members have a 75% change of having a cure disease potion
  • Regular Vigilants of Stendarr and Dawnguard members have a 50% chance of having a cure disease potion
  • Dead Vigilants of Stendarr and Dawnguard members have a 25% chance of having a cure disease potion
  • DLC1 potion vendors (Dawnguard and Volkihar) have a 25% chance of having one potion in stock and a very small chance of having more
  • All other sources have a 10% chance* of having at least one potion and a smaller chance of having more
  • Note that characters who didn't have cure disease potions in vanilla still have no chance of having a potion with this mod.
  • In the optional CACO version, when a cure disease potion is not available, a leveled resist disease potion is substituted.

*In the optional hardcore version, this chance is 1%

Choose either the regular version or the hardcore version, but not both. Install using your favor mod manager. Important: If you use any mods that overhaul NPC appearances, and those mod touch any Dawnguard or Vigilant of Stendarr actors, carefully read the compatibility section. Note that if you install this mod during an active playthrough, vendors who you recently visited may not show the new probabilities until their inventories reset.

This mod only requires the official SSE master files. The optional CACO version requires Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.

This mod updates leveled lists and NPC inventories. It will conflict with any other mod that edits these entries, and you need to create a patch. If you are not comfortable patching mods yourself, the Bashed Patch function offered by Wrye Bash is a good automated solution. Important Note: Version 1.0 launched without a required bash tag. If you are having trouble with Wrye Bash not respecting this mod's edits, please update to version 1.1 and rebuild your bashed patch.

Avoiding the dark face bug: This mod does not contain any FaceGen assets and will not cause an asset load order conflict. However, if you have any NPC overhaul mods, you should at a minimum load this mod before them (the NPC potion probability part of this mod will not work for any conflicted NPC, but it will avoid breaking their face data). Ideally, you should create a patch that merges this mod's inventory edits with the face shape and color data from your NPC overhaul mod. There are several tutorials, including some video versions, that explain how to do this and I strongly encourage you to review them. As an option of last resort, if this mod gives you the dark face bug and you cannot resolve it, you may want to consider installing the Face Discoloration Fix.