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A rich, detailed sound overhaul for bow handling. Customized for vanilla and AGO animations.

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"Like a whisper, isn't it...

Nah, must have been the winds"

Ported to Xbox platform by SkyFall_515, download it from

Details regarding each sound

Sheathe and unsheathe

These sounds consists of clothes rustling, a full quiver rattling and arrow shafts sliding against each other. Always fitting no matter how you carry your bow: a dedicated harness or simply have it slung over your shoulder.

Bow drawing

Every bows on Nirn sound like they could snap at any moment. A well maintained bow should be silent when being drawn.

In place of creaking limb or stretching string, there will be a faint noise of arrow sliding against the shelf* (arrow rest).

Arrow nocking

Sound of rattling arrows while one it's being taken out from its quiver, followed by a "woody" noise of arrow shaft and shelf colliding.

Only vanilla animation make use of this sound, while AGO's does not.
For AGO version this sound is redundant asset, despite that it will still be included to deter any unforeseen yet unlikely issue.

Releasing a drawn bow

For vanilla animation there's not much to say, just sounds of a traditional longbow.

For AGO animation- "Arrow nocking" sfx has been incorporated to better fit its movement.
Following the sound of releasing a bow are arrow taking and nocking sound.

Each sound category contains lots of variants, and with the help of a plugin, every sound will be played at different volumes and frequencies.  You'll much less likely to hear the same noise repeatedly. 

Instead of a simple, straight-forward replacer, this mod make uses of a light plugin. Its functions, other than the ones described above, is to provide compatibility with any and all other sound replacer/overhaul mods. Simply by making adjustment to your load order, you can choose which mod take priority.

I also decided to use a separate folder for all sound files, so my mod won't conflicts with loose files in vanilla directory, if there's any.


Q: Compatible with wakmfeigbsldmainfdseiooefieabfafoeagoi?
A: Load order.

Q: hELp~~~! iT DoEsn't WooOoooOoOoRk!
A: Load order.

Q: These sounds suck.