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A large, pitch dark, unsettlingly quiet "cave" to wander, boss fights, new weapons and carriable lights.

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I've gone hollow after doing all the navmeshing, so no immersive, flowery mod description for now

This is my first attempt at making a new custom worldspace
Featuring pitch dark environment, unsettlingly quiet atmosphere

There are campfires scattered throughout the den, with my Rest By Campfire mod and dedicated patch, you can use these as save points.

Items and Bosses

Elder of Cinder

Chandelier of Cinder - Burns target on hit, have low base physical damage, but power attack deals 5 times more damage
non-craftable nor tempering and enchanting.
To acquire more Chandeliers, challenge the boss again.

Candles Caretaker

Great torch - brighter, lasts longer than a normal torch, but requires twice the amount of materials to make
Use tanning rack to craft

Bearer of Kindled Flames

Horn Candle - Dim, crafting materials are tricky to find, but last for days - Use ranning tack to craft

Staff of Kindled Flames - Fling hot candle wax to burn target, and allow wielder to cast unlimited amount of magic rune traps
Non-craftable - To acquire more, challenge the boss again.

Cave entrance located near Rorikstead

Technical notes and known issues

This worldspace make use of objects scaled up/down beyond its normal size, so when you're navigating the area there will be abnormally such as getting stuck, clipping, standing slightly above the ground, can't walk through shack entrance, etc... This is due to the collision mesh isn't detailed enough, fixing it is beyond my skill, for now. 
It's worth noting that this usually happens near unimportance areas and spaces that looks crossable/enterable but actually not, so it's best to avoid forcing yourselves through. Either way, console commands or loading previous save shall helps in case you ever get stuck.

Despite being fully navmeshed (over 80% was done by hand, hypothetically unreachable areas and world's borders are left empty), followers rarely ever use the main entrance, most of the time they may not follow you inside, sometime they suddenly catch up. However followers with teleport catch-up support will behaves just fine. Exploring alone is highly recommended though.