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The mod no one asked for but need anyway: Dragon Claws now automatically unlock their puzzle doors. Light Plugin.

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
  • Install with mod manager of choice
  • Can be placed anywhere in load-order (No Vanilla records edited, conflict-free)

How It Works:
  • Uses a perk with an Activate Entry Point to automatically solve Dragon Claw Puzzle Doors
  • If you have the required Dragon Claw simply interact with the keyhole to have it automatically solve itself
  • Supports 3 solving modes: Sequential (1), Simultaneous (2), Instant (3). Choose the plugin for the desired mode or use the console command: Set DCAUMode to X - where X is the desired mode
  • Provided they use the vanilla scripts; mod-added puzzle doors can be supported by simply dragging & dropping the Activator record into the DCAU_FormlistDoors FormID List record from this mod (same for puzzle rings with the ring formlist)