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A simple plugin for Mod Organizer 2 to sync the order of the Plugins in the right pane to the order of Mods in the left pane. Useful if you manually sort your load order via the left pane.

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I sort my mods via the left pane of mod organizer, so I got tired of manually enabling every single mod in the left pane one at a time in order for plugins to show up in the same order in the right pane. I also use BSAs a lot for large texture overhauls, so I like knowing that the order that I set them up in is good, and I didn't want to make a lot of rules in LOOT. Enter this plugin. It will find all plugins from enabled mods and set their load order to match the order of mods in the left pane.

To install, extract the folder 'plugin_sync' to your Mod Organizer Plugins Folder.

To use the plugin, select Tools > Tool Plugins > Sync Plugins from the menu bar at the top of the Mod Organizer Window.
Viola! Your plugins will now be sorted to match the order of their origin mod in the left pane.

Thanks to AL and Holt59 on discord for help with developing this plugin.

Requires Mod Organizer Version 2.4 or above.