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Have you ever noticed how NPC vampires are not affected by the sun at all? Well, no more! They will now possibly be hurt by the sun, just like the player.

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Small mod that makes vampires sustain a small constant bit of damage while outside and in the sun. When this damage accumulates, they will visually catch on fire. This makes it fairer, since enemy vampires in vanilla are not affected by the sun at all. No scripts, just an .esp (flagged ESL) and an .ini to distribute the perk to NPCs.

  • How this affects Vampire NPCs: They lose 2HP per second when they're out in the sun AND engaged in combat. Combat restriction is there so friendly vampires don't burn away.

  • How this affects the player: At stage 4 Vampirism: Sun does 2HP per second to you. // At stage 3 Vampirism: 1.5HP per second // At stage 2 Vampirism: 1HP per second // At stage 1 Vampirism: 0.5HP per second

  • Compatible with everything, no patches needed.

Mod in action
Don't forget your sunscreen!

Mod is compatible with all vampire mods and vanilla. No patches needed.

For the constant bit of tiny damage to kick in, you must:
- Be a vampire.
- Be outside between 6AM and 8PM.
- You must not be in the shadows.

The damage is slow, especially if you've fed recently. This means it will never kill you right away. This goes for enemy vampires too though.

When installing the mod, there's a fomod where you can choose between several options to customize the mod to your liking:
- You can have the system only affect the player, NPCs or both
- You can exclude Serana and friendly vampires
- You can make it so wearing a helmet nullifies the damage

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