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Hides the rather redundant Call Horse lesser power from your spell menu, uncluttering your spellbook and still allowing you to whistle for your horse using the configurable hotkey from the original mod. ESL-flagged.

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Simple Horse SE by tktk is an excellent mod that not only provides the necessary fix of horses fleeing from combat in an efficient way, but also offers nice tweaks and options such as spawning follower horses, an optional increase in horse speed and, more importantly, a hotkeyable Call Horse lesser power, allowing you to whistle and spawn your horse wherever you are, provided it's outdoors (even inside cities!).

However, the mod itself doesn't provide you with a way to hide the lesser power Call Horse spell in your spell menu, which is a bit redundant considering the vast majority of players would prefer the simplicity of using a hotkey in their keyboards or controllers. This ESL-flagged plugin does just that, turning the Call Horse power into a regular spell without affecting its functionality when used via hotkey.


Simply download and install it via your favorite manager (Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex). Manual installation is possible but not recommended, and assistance to manual installs by my part would be limited.

Whether or not you use LOOT to manage your load order, make sure SimpleHorse - Hide Whistle Lesser Power.esp is placed lower than SimpleHorse.esp.


Requires Simple Horse SE. Will conflict with other mods that edit the Call Horse spell. You will only have a hidden Call Horse spell if this is the last mod in your load order editing it.

This file is built for version 1.21 of Simple Horse SE, and should the original mod be updated, will only require updating if changes are made to the Call Horse spell, so the changes are reflected in this file as well. Feel free to chime in on Posts and/or PM me in this event so I can make the necessary updates, or feel free to upload your own patch if I'm inactive.

Compatible with both the Normal and 1.3x horse speed sprint versions of the original mod.


As it is, this plugin is not compatible with Oldrim. Please do not ask me for a conversion. However, any user is free to create and upload a plugin for Oldrim based on mine, without need of my prior approval.