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Adds 41 collectible special variants of the Hearthfire doll.

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Note: Not all new Version 3 dolls have passive effects yet.


This mod adds 41 unique new versions of the doll from the Hearthfire DLC. You can find them scattered across the world.

All of them are worth 150 gold if you want to sell them. Some of them are owned and you need to steal them.

You should be able to gift them to your children. Unfortunately I wasn't able to test that.
Update: Unfortunately you are not able to gift them to your children. Apparently this requires a formlist edit via script and I have no idea how to do that. If anybody knows how to do it feel free to upload a patch or send it to me.
Update 2: With version 1.1 you can now gift these to your child. Special thanks to Ic0nic0de for making the script and cleaning/converting the .esp.

They use mostly vanilla textures so they will be affected by any texture mods you use.

Update 3: sirjesto provided an optional patch with which the dolls have a passive bonus while in the inventory


Probably incompatible with any mods that heavily modify the areas where they are placed. See locations down below for details.


Chef Doll - in the kitchen of Understone Keep in Markarth; on the ground where the bedrolls are
Dark Brotherhood Doll - in Vittoria Vici's House; on a table next to a bowl
Dragonborn - in the High Hrothgar sleeping area; on a table at the end of the hall
Jester - in the Dawnstar Sanctuary; on the table in the middle
Mage - in the Hall of Countenance in the College of Winterhold; on nightstand in the upper ring
Prisoner - in the Windhelm Bloodworks; on a barrel next to the cells
Redguard - at the end of Swindler's Den; on a barrel next to the boss chest
Thief - in the Thieves' Guild hideout; on a nightstand next to a bed
Wolf - Jorrvaskr Living Quarters; on a nightstand between two beds
New in Version 2.0:
Blacksmith - Warmaidens in Whiterun, Upstairs
Thalmor - Thalmor Embassy, Upstairs in the main building
Stormcloak - Windhelm Palace of the Kings, Upstairs on Ulfrics Bed
Spriggan - Moss Mother Cavern, Near one of the corpses
Orc - Dushnik Yal, Longhouse
Mythic Dawn - Silus' House in Dawnstar
Imperial - Castle Dour, Upstairs near Tullius' bed
Executioner - Helgen Keep, where Hadvar's path starts on a chest
Dragon Priest - Bonestrewn Crest, in one of the coffins

Passive Effects:

Chef = Alchemy
Companion = Unarmed Damage
Dark Brotherhood = Sneak
Dragjavascript-event-stripped Shout Time Reduction
Jester = Pickpocket
Mage = Enchanting
Prisoner = Increased Carry Weight
Redguard = One Handed
Thief = Lockpicking
New in Version 2.0:
Blacksmith = Smithing
Orc = Heavy Armor
Executioner = Two Handed
Thalmor = Magicka Regeneration
Spriggan = Restoration
Mythic Dawn = Destruction
Imperial = Combat Health Regeneration
Stormcloak = Stamina Regeneration
Dragon Priest = Conjuration


Always happy about feedback and screenshots. :)

Feel free to join my discord for updates: