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This mod seeks to balance the Standing Stone blessings, in order to make them all viable while still being faithful to Lore!

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What does this Mod do?

Standing Stones are relatively unbalanced.....most 'Power Gamer' type players will simply choose the Lord Stone or the Atronach Stone for their destiny.  The problem is that the other Stones blessings are simply inferior.

This mod seeks to better balance the Stone blessings, while keeping true to Lore.  ALL Standing Stones are now good = choosing a Stone Blessing is now a difficult decision that can greatly effect/compliment play styles.

*Additionally, for 'something different', you can try Version 2.9.  This extra version is my attempt to better match both the Atronach Perk and Atronach Stone to Lore.....see below for explanation!

*Standing Stone bonuses that are unchanged are listed with '(default)' next to them.

+20% learning rate bonus to warrior skills (NOT including Marksman)
+20% damage with all 1 Handed and 2 Handed weapons
+15% block damage reduction

+85% bonus to stamina regeneration (isn'tslowed by combat)
+25% bonus to health regeneration (isn'tslowed by combat)

+100 Damage Resistance
+20 Magic Resistance

+20 stamina bonus
+20% bonus to stamina regeneration
*worn armor/clothes have 0 encumbrance (default)

+20% learning rate bonus to Mage skills (default)
+20 magicka bonus
+20 magicka regen rate bonus

+250% bonus to magicka regeneration
-100% to Magic Resistance

THE ATRONACH (version 3+):
+50% Spell Absorption
0% Magicka Regeneration *there is no passive magicka regeneration, but potions/stews/'restore # magicka per second' type effects still work.
*to better balance this stone with the others, the Atronach Stone no longer gives +50 Magicka!

THE ATRONACH (version 2.9 only):  You take on the nature of the Atronach (now fits Lore).
+100% Spell Absorption VS Elemental spells/effects (fire, shock and frost) long as you have the matching elemental 'Cloak' spell active!
Fire, Shock and Frost related spells (and weapon enchantments) now only cost you 50% as much magicka/soul-charge to use.
All non elemental spells cost 2x as much magicka to cast (this does not include weapon/staff enchantments).

THE RITUAL (default):
*adds a 'Raise Dead' power that can be used once per day....raises ALL dead within 75 units.

+20% skill learning rate for Thief Skills (+ Marksman)
+15 fortify for Pickpocket, Lockpicking and Sneak Skills *done by adding hidden perks = it works, but you won't see your skills boosted!
*Lockpicking is MUCH easier while this stone is activated.

+15% learning rate for ALL skills (default)
+5% shorter Shout Recovery Timer bonus
+10 fortify for persuasion checks

adds an 'invisibility' power that can be used once per day.  Lasts 60 seconds. (default)
+50 fortify Sneak Skill for 60 seconds
+50 fortify Illusion Skill for 60 seconds

THE TOWER: The Tower Blessing fortifies your essence.
+100% Stagger Resistance

*adds a 'spit poison' attack that can be used once per day.  Does 15 POISON damage per second for 50 seconds, and paralyzes for 25 seconds.  Note that some creatures are immune to poison and/or paralyze......also, don't miss!

Atronach Perk modification is ONLY for v2.9:

The Atronach Perk functions similar to the Atronach Stone (minus the spell cost modifications).  So now, the Atronach Perk will provide a 50% Spell Absorption VS incoming elemental damage....AS LONG AS you have a matching elemental cloak spell/scroll active!  So, for example, an active fire cloak spell will provide you with 50% absorption VS incoming fire damage!

The reason I made this version was to better match Atronach type effects (Stone + Perk) to the actual Atronach Lore in the game!  Why would the player absorb ALL types of magical effects while Daedric Atronachs can only resist/absorb elemental damage effects that match their elemental aura??  Anyway, this was done because I'm overly anal about Lore.

*the only way now to gain a chance of absorbing any type of magical effect (not just elemental) would be with Miraak's clothing!  His clothing is considered it's own thing, and has nothing to do with Atronachs!

No Modders have permission to use my work as their own!