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Lots of options for arrows and bolts in one handy NMM installer, pick and install the tweaks you want!

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Finally, ABT found its way to Skyrim SE! The description of the mod will be very similar, a few things have changed but most of the mod is pretty much the same as it was.

The only major thing I changed in ABT SE is that now for each tweak the different versions share the same plugin name, so Faster Arrows +50% and Faster Arrows +100% will both have their plugins called 'ABT SE - Faster Arrows Improved.esp', this means you can install one tweak, try it for some time and keep playing, and if you want to switch to a different one just reinstall it and the game will load the new plugin without bothering you with pop ups telling you the mod content has changed. This applies to all version of each tweak. The changes ABT SE does to the game can be changed like this without issue, and they'll take effect next time you load the game (with the exception of the tweaks that modify leveled lists, those will kick in next time those lists are recalculated, so a few in-game days need to pass before that happens). You can still check which version you've installed from the plugin itself if you select it in NMM and check its description. ;)

Also, I've carried over all fixes to arrows and bolts made by the USSEP so you don't need to worry about ABT SE being incompatible. I still strongly encourage you to use USSEP though. :)


I really like playing as an archer, but I wasn't satisfied with some aspects regarding arrows. Some mods here on the nexus helped improve what I wanted, but I still wasn't fully satisfied and I always ended up tweaking them, changing them completely, or even making my own mods to change other aspects of the game involving arrows. So I decided to make this mod to compile all my tweaks. After Dawnguard came out, crossbow bolts were added to Skyrim, and I felt the need to change them as well, so they are also included in these tweaks. 

This mod is modular so you can choose exactly what you want to install.

These are the tweaks currently available, I may add more in the future:

Basically this tweak makes arrows fly faster and further. It also decreases gravity pull on them around 50% (the actual decrease is %57.14). Multiple versions to choose from:

  • +10% faster
  • +25% faster
  • +50% faster
  • +75% faster
  • +100% faster!

Riekling Spears: Note that Riekling Spears' gravity was halved and its range was doubled, to keep that 'heavy feeling' spears have. Their speed was still increased to match the rest of the arrows, so watch out, they'll be harder to dodge! >:)

I recommend adding these lines to your Skyrim.ini file, they work great. If you are not sure how to edit the file check the video tab, Gopher was kind enough to explain how to do it (the video was made for Skyrim but it's the same process for Skyrim SE). You need to add these lines to your Skyrim.ini file, located in your /Documents/My Games/Skyrim Special Edition/ directory (backup Skyrim.ini before editing it!!!):


The line below Actor (fVisibleNavmeshMoveDist) increases the distance arrows fly, which allows you to hit targets from longer distances, rather than arrows passing through them without causing any damage.

The first two lines below Combat (fMagnetism) remove the aim assist. If you miss slightly with an arrow, the game will automatically make them hit anyway. This stops that, so it basically makes it a little harder (most noticeable at long range).

The last two lines below Combat (ArrowTiltUpAngle) make the dot or crosshair the centre (rather than being slightly above it), so your arrows will go where you actually aim (keep in mind that gravity still affects arrows, so you'll still have to compensate when aiming really far). Note that these two lines only affect vertical axis behavior (up/down), sadly there is no tweak for horizontal axis corrections (left/right). The f1 line is for first person, the f3 line is for third person. If you use any mods that changes or modifies auto-aim or crosshair behavior you may have to use different values (you'll probably have to increase third person value from 0.7 to 2.2, or even 3.2, experiment with other numbers if that doesn't work).

Note: If you don't have an [Actor] and/or [Combat] section in your Skirim.ini file already, just add them (after [General] section for example).

If you have edited your Skyrim.ini file and the TiltUpAngle value of 0.7 is not working for you very well, try these:

If you still can't get arrows to go to the center of the crosshair, check the 'Recommended/Compatible mods' section at the end of the description, and look for the Proper Aiming mod.

Just like the previous tweak, Faster Bolts Improved increases bolts speed in the same manner, making them fly faster, and further too. Versions available:

  • +10% faster
  • +25% faster
  • +50% faster
  • +75% faster
  • +100% faster!

Just like before, I recommend adding these lines to your Skyrim.ini file:


If you have edited your Skyrim.ini file and the TiltUpAngle value of 0.7 is not working for you very well, try these:

If you still can't get bolts to go to the center of the crosshair, check the 'Recommended/Compatible mods' section at the end of the description, and look for the Proper Aiming mod. I don't know if will help with bolts (it seems to only affect arrows) but it can't hurt to try (or even ask the author for bolts support).

So, if you've installed both Faster tweaks and added the lines to your Skyrim.ini file, it should look like this:


Remember: If you don't have an [Actor] and/or [Combat] section in your Skyrim.ini file already, just add them (after [General] section for example).

It always bothered me that some arrows have the same base damage value, so what's the point on using an Ancient Nord Arrow instead of a Steel Arrow if both do the same damage? or even the less damaging Falmer Arrow instead of a Forsworn Arrow? Well, this mod changes that to make them have progressive damage values. Here's the new arrows progression table:

Changes marked in red indicate which arrows damages were modified to avoid having duplicate damages, with two exceptions:

  • Bound Arrows were paired up with Dragonborn Arrows (see explanation below).
  • The special elven arrows were slightly increased by the same amount.

Versions available:

  • Vanilla Names
  • Renamed Arrows: renames arrows to 'Arrow - (Type)' (for example Arrow - Steel).

This is the same as Progressive Damage, but it increases the damage of each arrow. Here's the same arrows progression table but with 100% damage increase:

I decided to pair Bound Arrows with Dragonbone Arrows to provide some sort of 'balance' between pure archers and pure mages, I think both should be able to deal the same high-level damage values coming from different backgrounds.

Bolts are supported too, here's the bolts damage table with 100% damage increase:

Note: exploding bolts damage effects were also increased by +100%, the new damage is shown in red.

Three versions to choose from:

  • +50% Increased Dmg
  • +100% Increased Dmg
  • +150% Increased Dmg

All those version are also available with Vanilla Names, or with Renamed Bolts in this manner: 'Bolt - (Type)' (for example: Bolt - Steel).

NEW: This tweak aims to fix the impact depth of bolts in-game, and bring a little bit of realism to them. ABT SE isn't meant to be a 'realistic' mod, but in this case I felt this needed to be included here, bolts impacts' depth is plain awful in the vanilla game. Traditionaly crossbows, in comparison to bows, have always added higher speed to their ammunitions (of course there are a few minor exceptions, but generally speaking this is true), making bolts impacts stronger at close range. However what Skyrim SE shows us is a whole different story when we take a closer look at a dead body, or even at a bolt stuck in a wooden door: the tip has barely penetrated and when comparing bolts and arrows side by side, the bolt comes out looking out of place. This tweak replaces bolts meshes with ones edited by Ghosu that increase the depth of their impacts, three versions to choose from:

  • +5 Units Deeper
  • +8 Units Deeper
  • +12 Units Deeper

You can see a comparison between their depth in the image above. Note that this tweak only replaces the bolts 'projectiles', you can install any mod that edits the .nif files for the bolts quiver, they are both compatible (as long as that mod doesn't try to replace the projectiles as well, in that case you'll have to choose).

This tweak is based on my previous 'Recover Less Arrows' mod. It basically changes the amount of arrows and bolts you recover from the one's you've shot at a target. Some people requested me to add slightly different versions, so here you go:

  • +10%, +25%, +35%, +50%
  • -10%, -25%, -35%, -50%

This tweak is different in ABT SE than it was in ABT. Previously it didn't change the Hunter's Discipline perk itself, but now it does. If you are using a mod that changes perks, skip this tweak. If you are using the All-In-One option from ABT SE installer, then you can either delete the changes made to the Hunter's Discipline perk and to the iArrowInventoryChance game setting, just open the plugin using SSEEdit and remove those entries. Alternatively, if you don't know how to do that, just place the All-In-One plugin above the mod that makes changes to the perk and that should do it.

This tweak modifies (increases or decreases) the amount of arrows found in loot (dead bodies, chests, etc). This one is different from Recover Arrows in that it doesn't affect arrows you've shot at a target, it just changes the leveled item's lists that include arrows so that only the target's inventory is modified, as well as chests. You'll notice this make a bigger difference in-game than Recover Arrows. Keep in mind that chests usually fill themselves when the cell is loaded, so if you install this tweak and test it on a chest that was right in front of you when you saved your game, you probably won't see any differences.

I wanted to give some flexibility to the game in this particular aspect since lots of people use mods that allow crafting arrows (me included) and if you are anything like me, then you probably like to plan ahead what resources you'll take with you when leaving town so that you don't run out of arrows (or potions for that matter). This also makes the smithing perk tree more important if you use an arrow-crafting mod and decide to use a harder version (beware of the HARDCORE version), or you can just take the opposite side and choose a version that increases availability (e.g. +100%) and forget about running out of arrows ever again (useful for those who don't use arrow-crafting mods).

Lots of versions to choose from:

  • +25%, +50%, +75%, +100% arrows in loot
  • -25%, -50%, -75% arrows in loot
  • HARDCORE version: reduces the amount of arrows found in loot (dead bodies, chests, etc) to the bare minimum. Low-level arrows (such as Iron Arrows for example) will still be found regularly in loot to some extent, but high-level arrows will be harder to find, so remember to retrieve those missed arrows lying on the floor!

If Loot Arrows isn't enough for you, maybe this tweak can help. It modifies (increases or decreases) the amount of arrows sold by merchants (General traders and Blacksmiths; I didn't mess with Apothecaries, Innkeepers, Jewelers and Spell traders). If you run out of arrows and don't have the resources to craft those special high-level arrows, you can buy the supplies you need from merchants: making arrows less available will add an extra level of difficulty to your game, making arrows more available will make your life that much easier.

Again, lots of versions to choose from:

  • +25%, +50%, +75%, +100% arrows sold
  • -25%, -50%, -75% arrows sold
  • HARDCORE version: reduces the amount of arrows sold by merchants (General traders and Blacksmiths) to the bare minimum. Low-level arrows (such as Iron Arrows for example) will still be regularly available to some extent, but high-level arrows will be less frequent, so remember to save those special arrows for critical situations!

Lots of people ask me what tweaks I use, given that there are so many choices. They also ask me about which ones are more 'realistic', for that read the article I wrote. These are the tweaks *I* use while playing Skyrim, they don't alter the game too much, they just improve some aspects I felt needed to be changed from *my* perspective and style of gameplay. Inside the installer I provide one plugin called 'ABT SE - Kevkas All-in-One' which includes the following tweaks.

- My selected tweaks:

  • ABT SE - Progressive Damage (Renamed Arrows) [No Increased Damage]
  • ABT SE - Renamed Bolts [No Increased Damage]
  • ABT SE - Faster Arrows Improved (+50%)
  • ABT SE - Faster Bolts Improved (+50%)
  • ABT SE - Recover Ammo (-50%)
  • ABT SE - Loot Ammo (HARDCORE version)
  • ABT SE - Merchants Arrows (HARDCORE version)
  • Deeper Bolts Impacts: +8 Units Deeper

- My Skyrim.ini settings:


- My Crosshair in-game:

  • None, or dot crosshair.

Wait, what!? No crosshair? Yes, no crosshair, I followed Ka3m0n's advice and I must say I enjoy playing like this MUCH more:
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND disabling the bow crosshairs entirely using iHUD. You'll find yourself actually practicing with those archery targets and, with practice, you can become a pretty darn good shot. Every time you hit the target (shooting freehand), it's extremely gratifying and a lot more fun than moving virtual reality crosshairs with a mouse and shooting bullseyes at 1000 feet every.....single.....time. (booooring).
Alternatively if you don't want to disable the HUD completely you can use Smaller HUD mod for a smaller hud and a dot crosshair.

ABT is highly modular, you can install all tweaks or just the ones you want, and each one comes in different versions to choose from. SKSE is NOT required for this mod.

Two alternatives, choose one:

1st. Fancy NMM installer! Click the DOWNLOAD WITH MANAGER button. Activate with the NMM and follow the instructions, the installer will let you customize which tweaks you want to install. 

2nd. Manual installation: just open the file and copy the .esp files you want to use to your Skyrim\Data directory. Then activate the files using the NMM.

Use LOOT to sort ABT's plugins in your load order.

However, as a general rule all tweaks should be loaded after any mods that edits arrows and/or bolts, for example:

The Tutorial in the Files section shows you how to edit custom arrows and bolts added by other mods to make them compatible with my 'Faster Arrows/Bolts Improved' tweaks, which are the ones most likely to cause issues (while playing you will notice right away if a newly added arrow/bolt doesn't fly at the same speed as the vanilla ones). It's fairly simple to edit custom ammo speeds, you'll probably need to spend 5 maybe 10 minutes learning how to do it the first time, and you'll be able to do it in a couple of minutes next time you add new ammo to the game.

ABT SE is fully compatible with USSEP.

  • This may or may not happen to some of you (it doesn't seem to happen to everyone): Sometimes when you run out of a given type of arrow the last arrow shot from that type, and the first one shot from the next type automatically assigned, will fly a shorter distance that they should. For example: you shoot your last Steel Arrow, and let's say the game assigns an Iron Arrow to be shot next (based on what arrows you have in your inventory): both the last Steel Arrow and the first Iron Arrow shot may fly a shorter distance than expected. Apparently this happens with the all Faster Arrows Improved versions, and it seems to be an issue related to how the game handles switching/assigning arrows when you run out of a given type.

> Solution 1: Try to keep a good supply of arrows so as not to run out of any given type. If you are like me and play with less available arrows, try to switch to a different arrow type just before running out. Skyrim is a dangerous place and you should keep an eye out for your arrows supply.

> Solution 2: When shooting the last arrow of a given type, wait half 0.5 - 1 seconds before reloading the bow. This will allow the last arrow to be shot at the correct speed, and the next arrow you shoot will fly normaly.

From a role-playing perspective, it could mean the player may suddenly panic while running out of arrows, or maybe while changing quivers in a rush, which could led to shooting recklessly. So try to keep a good amount of arrows at hand, and take your time when switching quivers!

  • Another issue may be crosshair behavior: if you use any Faster tweaks, you will probably need to edit your Skirim.ini file with the entries I mentioned above. Make sure you are editing the right .ini file! (make a backup before just in case!). If your arrows and/or bolts don't go right where you are aiming, change the values in the TiltUpAngle entries, from 0.7 to other numbers (if you are shooting to high, reduce the numbers, if you are shooting too low, increase them). It may take you some tests to find the right values, but I do encourage you to do it, you probably won't have to change them ever again, and it's worth it. Be aware that there aren't any entries for the 'horizontal' axis of the crosshair, so if your arrows are hitting on either side of the center of the crosshair, there's really nothing I can do.

Currently available in:

Spanish - courtesy of Johnyrisu.

Russian - courtesy of AlecsZ.

You have my permission to translate this mod if the translation will be uploaded to the Nexus. I only ask that you let me know, and that you send me the link so I can include your translation in this description (as well as credit you). I don't give permission to upload this mod to any other sites, don't bother asking.

Click on the 'Changes' tab to see the full changelog. These are the latest changes:

Version 1.0
- ABT SE is born and uploaded to the Nexus in all its glory.

A lot of Skyrim mods still need to be ported, updated, or recreated for Skyrim SE, so the list is short now. I'll add more mods as I try them.

  • Belt-Fastened Quivers: this mod changes the position of the bow and quiver to a more backpack-friendly position (made by Chesko, author of Frostfall, and compatible with it). It also includes a new animation for loading the bow, made by Ninivekha.
  • 3PCO++: This mod has plenty of options to tweak through its MCM menu to adjust archery aiming, as well as for spell casting and using staves.
  • Proper Aiming: if you are having trouble with the crosshair, and you've already tried modifying the Skyrim.ini file with no luck, try this mod, some people have reported it works for them (load it after ABT SE). If that doesn't work, I have no idea how to fix the crosshair in your game.
  • Simple Auto Unequip Ammo: essential for any archer... heck, for anyone really!

This is a list of things I would like to add in future updates, kind of a "to-do" list of possible features for next versions (no ETA though):

  • Add support for the unique Dwarven Sphere Centurion Arrow found in the Dwemer Museum in Markarth and make it playable
  • Add 'Progressive vs. Damage' tweak (basic idea is: low level arrows do less damage and fly slower, and high level arrows do more damage -increasing exponentially- as well as fly faster)
  • Add different arrow's release sounds

  • Zappoo: for letting me dig into his files to learn how to create the NMM installer.
  • FordPerfect: for creating Faster Arrows which was one of the first mods I've downloaded from the Nexus.
  • Sunnie and Jet4571: For helping me figure out how leveled item lists work.
  • MissSelfDestruct (@ DeviantArt): for providing the main image for this mod.
  • Cvillarosa (@ DeviantArt): for providing the title's background image for this mod.
  • Ghosu (aka LeckerHamster): for allowing me to use his meshes for the Deeper Bolts Impacts tweak.

Nexus artists whose screenshots I use on this mod:

  • Last but not least a big thanks to Utopolyst: for helping and giving me a hand when I needed one.