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Makes the players level, attributes, and perks static from the beginning of the game.

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Do not use with my other mods Training Options or Reflexes.
Recommended: Some mod to make alchemy less infinite, Dwemer Hacker to make Lockpicking more useful, Encounter Zones Unlocked if you want to maximize the level of enemies, No Stacking Enchantments to make balancing enchantments a little more difficult.

Makes the player's level static so that all quests, equipment, enemies, and whatnot are available from level 1. Well, not really. There is no level 1 anymore.

Do you come up with cool new characters to try weekly, daily, or hourly? Do you look up interesting build guides, only to find that the build won't get its signature abilities until level 35 or so? Do you ever wish that you could play a sneaky assassin, a fireball wielding mage, or a hard hitting barbarian without fretting about picking the right perks at the right level, and without spending the next two weeks playing Generic Skyrim Character #4,133 until the character starts to actually feel like you imagined it? Is there a quest mod you'd like to try, but don't feel like spending all the hours farming XP that it will take to get to an appropriate level?

Would you be interested in a mod that let you play as any character you like just by ACTING like that character? No hours of grinding. No spreadsheets plotting out which perks to take in what order. Want to be a dagger-wielding Thalmor assassin who eliminates Talos worshippers in Stormcloak-occupied cities? Strap a dagger to your hip, put on some elven armor, and get to work!

A list of changes is here:

It's not a complete list. This mod is desperately under-documented especially in-game. You'll have to be willing to deal with a bit of trial and error if you want to figure out all of the mechanics.

How to use this mod:

1. Find a safe spot and fire up the ol'MCM. New game HIGHLY recommended for a whole bunch of really good and important reasons.

2. Select SLAP. The landing page is a selection of commonly used options. And by "commonly used," I mean they're the ones I personally fiddle with the most often.

3. Optionally, select a preset. This will pin the level of the "world" at 81, the maximum you can reach in Skyrim without Legendary skills. At this level, all game content should be available immediately, and enemies will be at their maximum threat. The numbers beside each preset represent the approximate level your character could be if they achieved the number of skill increases that you are about to be handed, and the level of an NPC type that typically has that maximum level. You can start out as a city kid hunting wolves or a hardened adventurer. It's up to you. This will also automatically set the skill increase conditions for your character. City kids will learn quickly, while adventurers have seen enough that they rarely improve without focus.

Giving folks an idea of what they can expect is challenging because it will depend on how your skills are distributed and what other mods you are using. However, here is my experience:

Commoner – You will spend the early game hunting animals and fighting the occasional bandit in the wild. If vampires attack, you will want to run and hide. You will want decent crafting or pickpocket so you can get some good gear to compensate for your lower than average fighting skills. This is a good starting point for people who want a "fantasy life simulator," because the world will feel very deadly.

Bandit – With careful tactics you can clear out bandit dens on your own. When delving into crypts or other higher level dungeons, you will probably want a companion. Stealth is generally extremely important. This is a good setting for people who want to live in a deadly world, but don't want to quite as much early grinding as a commoner.

Bandit Chief – You can handle most humanoid enemies on your own, but especially difficult bosses like dragons or dragonpriests will probably still require help from a companion. (I recommend this for first time playing with the mod.) I would say this gives the best balance, in terms of being able to dive straight into adventuring and completing bounties while still having dangerous battles and occasionally being forced to flee.

Adventurer – You can solo any situation once you have decent armor and weapons. Occasionally you may encounter an enemy who is resistant to your usual methods and you have to rely on your secondary skills, making the battle much tougher, but with quick thinking you should be able to manage anything the game throws at you. Use this setting if you want to go from 0 to fighting Alduin before bedtime.

Dragonborn – With 100 in every skill, you can't get any better. Even when enemies are resistant to your primary tactics, your "secondary" tactics are equally awesome. Use this setting if you don't feel like doing any grinding at all and just want to skip straight to the butt kicking.

4. Select a method of managing your attributes. You will be jumping into a level 81 world. Attributes are one of the two stats that are determined by the player's level in Skyrim, so you will need a way of giving yourself appropriate attributes. I have provided two.

a. Equipment-based attributes will give you bonuses to stamina, magicka, and carry weight based on armor.

b. Eat, Sleep, and Pray will provide bonuses by, well, eating, sleeping, or praying. To pray, activate a god's altar or sit anywhere, equip a god's amulet, and wait 1-3 hours. The need to eat/sleep/pray is very forgiving by design. If you are using another needs mod, you will likely do more than enough eating and sleeping already. You will want to sleep eight hours every 24 hours or so. You only have to eat once or twice a day, and the script does not care what kind of food you eat. You can live off of ale, water, or meat, or vary your diet to your liking. Food and sleep also grant the same bonuses, so you only have to do one or the other. There are special rules for vampires and werewolves.

4. Perks are the other character stat that are determined by level. You will be jumping into a level 81 world, so you will want perks to compete. If you are already using a perk mod that you are happy with, you can just select 81 perks and get 81 perk points to spend however you please. If you are not using a perk mod, you can use my equipment-based perks. These are designed to change your fighting style dramatically depending on equipped weapons and armor. If you select this option, you will also get a boatload of starting equipment (which you can take or leave if you don't want it) the next time you sleep and your character will be denuded, so make sure you are somewhere private.

5. When you are done, the screen should look something like this:

6. Find a bed and rest. Don't spend your first batch of skill points one by one in the pop-up menu. Go back into the MCM and spend them in bulk. And while you're there, you can check out some of the other options that might appeal to you.

7. Level up your character. Or don't! It won't make a difference. Anyway, you can basically ignore the level up/perk screen forever now.