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SKSE plugin that improves death/ragdoll camera, with free rotation/fly camera and other features

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  • SKSE64
  • Address Library for SKSE Plugins


  • 1.0 - Initial Release


SKSE plugin that improves death/knockout camera. No more fixed angles.


  • Third person with rotation, or fly camera.
  • Select third person rotation types - fixed, free rotation, animator cam.
  • Configurable time multipliers (slow or speed up time when ragdolling or dying).
  • Hide/unhide UI
  • Death camera duration.
  • Snap camera to the player's killer and follow that target.

Plugin can be configured using the included po3_EnhancedDeathCamera.ini.

  • Third person style camera can be rotated with mouse/controller.
  • Player input is unlocked during death cam so you can switch to flycam from third person, using tfc.


  • Improved Camera's first person cameras for death/knockout will take priority over this mod, IF player dies in first person AND Enhanced Death Cam's third person camera type is selected.

  • Fly camera setting will take priority over first person/third person IC.
  • Smooth Cam is supported (plugin will automatically switch to modified bleedout camera with third person functionality so SmoothCam does not affect it). 

  • Select the alternative tps camera (Enable Third Person Alt Camera) if using any other plugins that modify the third person camera AND you experience issues (hyper spinning camera, clipping, etc.). This is the same camera that is used with SmoothCam.


  • Ryan (SniffleMan) for CommonLibSSE
  • Ashen for the Snap Camera To Killer idea