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Add a new vampire/bloody/dark/gothic/blah blah themed staff with unique enchantment.

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Thank you wiiman1996 aka Gray_Silhouette for Xbox port

Staff of Bloodstained Chalice

(NPCs AI disabled for Demo recording purpose)

Launch concentrated blood Magicka, forming a Bloodletter Shade upon impact
It will then shreds off its flesh, causing a bloody explosion, dealing damage around it within 4 steps radius

Bloodletter Shades are frenzied, it will attacks anyone, anything, including the caster and among themselves

The Bloodstained Chalice allows unlimited amount of Shades formed
And Shades can last indefinitely
However, they can be defeated easily
Only striking them down will erase any remaining Shades from the face of Nirn


Kat's Note

Staff of Bloodstained Chalice has its own unique enchantment that crosses the gap between Destruction and Conjuration. Its mechanics has been designed so that it can be both powerful and balanced, thus caster need to keep in mind that there will be consequences for abusing power, causing it to turns against its own master.

Usage Strategies

Frenzied Shades prioritizes tracking down and attacking their nearest target, so you can take advantage of this behavior, for example:

- Spawning multiple Shades to overwhelm your foes -

- Use yourself as bait to lure your Shades toward your target -

- Divert enemy's attention or keeping them at bay -

Its magic effect

Bloodletter AoE explosion deals 30 points of magic damage, it can be absorbed, resisted or reflected.

Bloodletter Shades are effected/harmed by the AoE damage described above, to simulate Shades damaging themselves resulting in a violent explosion, lowering their own health, which allow them to be taken down easily.

Shades are spawned using unconventional method instead of normal Conjuration spell or scripting. They do not have limited lifetime nor have any scripting/timer involved to automatically dismiss them. I decided to keep things utterly simple and close to vanilla to avoid unforeseen performance and compatibility issues, combined with balancing in mind, which is why Shades are set to be Frenzied, so either they will be defeated by their foes, clashing among their owns or taken down by player. Hostile NPCs can be noticed and tracked easily, so you can ensure that there're no stray Shades bloating your worldspace.

Also, the act of disposing your own pawns (striking down Shades to "dismiss" them) fit quite well with the dark and sinister theme of the Staff. Ruthless and merciless.