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Altered mesh for weapon racks, allowing for more flexibility in matching your game!

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*** This mod is included in my mod Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul, but I wanted to post it separately in case you don't want to use that larger scale overhaul mod, or so you can use this as a modders resource. ***

As I was monkeying around with SFCO, I was always thinking about how I could create improved and more immersive items.
The vanilla weapon racks are single one piece, and therefore had to use one texture covering both it's metal and wood portions.  
This meant that if you wanted to use any other textures as a base for weapon racks you had to use/create a very specific texture just for this NIF.  
What I did is "break apart" and re-UV map the metal and wood sections of the weapon rack using blender and nifskope.  
So, now you can assign one existing (or new) texture to the wood, and one to the metal, offering easily customizeable, immersive, environmentally fit variations with minimal work.

This is the USSEP version of the wrsingle01.nif!

This mod offers a choice of two of the many weapon rack variations that could be created...

1) Noble Weapon Rack - Uses the the following textures from YOUR load order, and will match the rest of your Noble furniture...
Wood parts = textures\furniture\noble\
Metal parts = textures\dungeons\

2) Common Weapon Rack- Uses the woodpost02 texture from YOUR load order, which is a staple texture for any farmhouse overhaul mods (Amidianborn, Noble Skyrim HD, etc)...
Wood parts = textures\architecture\farmhouse\
Metal parts = textures\dungeons\

I also...
  • Added environment and cube maps to the metal parts so they look more like, well, metal.
  • Fixed the mounting nails so they are completely metal (the vanilla mounting nails were 1/2 wood and 1/2 metal...very strange)

Feel free to use this mesh any way you'd like...change the texture paths, include in your mods, etc.  



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