Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Retexture of the college of winterhold, animated mage statues and repaired bridge models.

Permissions and credits
Praedy's College of Winterhold - SE

Retexture of the college of winterhold available in 4K/2K/1K.

  • 3 magestatue addons which are animated,glow, use multi-layer parallax mixed with a transparency layer and also emit light if you pick one of the enb-light options.
  • texture patch for The Great City of Winterhold.
  • texture patch for obscure's college of winterhold.
  • Optional repaired college bridge, 2 options, (unlike other mods which repair the bridge via a plugin, these are completely new models made specifically for Obscure's college / LUX users).
  • Alternative stairs trims/bands around floors.
  • 2 Alternative window meshes and textures for obscure's college.

- Recommended mods:
Obscure's college of winterhold
Obscure's college of winterhold addons
Lux and lux orbis
Cities of the North - Winterhold or The great city of winterhold
Ancient AF Windhelm
Windhelm fake windows fix

-Tools and assets used / credits:
  • Adobe Substance
  • SomethingObscure
  • Archinatic
  • Rudy102
  • JonnyWang13
  • Kartofells

-ENB used:
Tweaked Cabbage ENB.