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Easy and fast way to change the Face gen file name to the new form IDs after compacting them using xEdit.

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Important Note: This only helps and fixes a specific bug. This will not fix anything other then the formIDs for face gen when eslified this will not fix dark face bug resulting from different resolution issues or any other type of bug.

Main file always released always on github: 

No longer will be hosted on Nexus download from the github releases above.


When using xEdit to compact formIDs to flag as esl mods with face gen files will not be changed to the new formIDs. This is a problem because Skyrim's engine will not know what NPC needs what file because the facegen files were not renumbered and will result in the infamous dark face bug. Hense the purpose of this using xEdit's scripting function will out put all NPC's and there formIDs before and after compacting for the esl flag then reading those two files and changing names of the facegen files to that of the new formIDs of attached to the NPCs.

While this is not a advanced tool it is important to know what to eslify and what not to eslify. Obscene911 made a great guide for eslifing here.
A shortened version of it is do not eslify plugins with .seq files, scripts that call hard coded formIDs from that plugin you want to eslify (See bottom for extra information), and facegen files. This how ever will help fix the problem with facegen renumbering.

If updating from 1.2 to 1.3, you do not need to replace the config.json just take out the "RenameTint": true, line from your config.

  1. Make sure all dependencies are installed
  2. Drop my two folders into the root of SSEEdit folder ensuring "_1PreEslify.pas" and "_2PostEslify.pas" are inside the Edit Scripts folder for SSEEdit.
  3. Now open "config.json" inside of FaceGenEslify folder and change "xEditFolder" header's value to where ever your SSEEdit is.
  4.     Example: "C:\\Modding\\SkyrimSE\\sseedit" ensuring to add the double backslash \.
  5. Next change "SkyrimDataFolder" header's to the Skyrim Special Edition's data folder.
  6.     Example: "C:\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Skyrim Special Edition\\Data"


If using MO2 you need to run this and SSEEdit through MO2.

  1. First, Identify what mod you want to turn into an esl check to see if it has facegen data it will be located under "meshes\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom\{Whatever the plugin name is}\" as loose files or using the same path inside the BSA attached to the mod. If the BSA that contains the facegen meshes and textures then it will need to be extracted, my preferred tool is BSA Browser. If it does not have facegen data attached to the plugin then this is non-aplicable to the problem with eslifying a plugin. But if you didn't know that read to step 4 anyway because it is a useful thing to know when eslifying plugins.
  2. Second, Identify if the mod ever has hard coded form calls in any of their scripts. If it does this plugin can not be eslify, or if you do not have source code and you do not know how to decompile Bethesda scripts skip the plugin aswell or See bottom for extra information.
  3. Load SSEEdit, through MO2 if your using it, Load all plugins.
  4. Right click on a plugin tree inside of xEdit and click apply script - "Find ESP plugins which could be turned into ESL.pas" and wait for it to finish and then scroll till you get to the plugin you wish to eslify and if it has any kind of warning DO NOT COMPACT AT ALL it is not a mod you can eslify.
    The comment on "hf_Lakeiew_AvantGarden_EX.esp" means its potentially ok to eslify while "SBH_DovakinAbode.esp" is not because it adds new cells. there is another comment from the script that is "Can be turned into ESL by adding ESL flag in TES4 header" this means all you need to do is add the esl flag to the header file.
    This is just an example do not convert "hf_Lakeiew_AvantGarden_EX.esp" without examining it first. I did not look at it at all just trying to show what is ok and not ok using this script. 
  6. Now we can start using this utilities functions, first locate the applicable plugin you want to eslify in the load order inside of SSEEdit. Right click apply script "_1PreEslify.pas". Once done move on.
  7. Now compact that plugin using xEdit's feature, right click on the plugin "Compact FormIDs for ESL." Once done go to the plugins header double click on record flag and check ESL. Then save.
  8. Now Right click on the plugin then apply script "_2PostEslify.pas". Once this script is done you can close xEdit.
  9. Now run "FaceGenEslify.exe", through MO2 if your using it.
  10. Now you will also need to go into the name changed nifs Example: "meshes\actors\character\facegendata\facegeom\ImprovedRoads.esp\0000f61d.nif" where the "ImprovedRoads.esp" is the folder that contains the face gen nifs change the name with what ever the plugin that contains the NPC. Now open up all the the nifs one at a time and in the Block details section look for a Name called "BSShaderTextureSet", its usually the first or second one of these, then open the drop down then open the textures drop down. find the texture that has a value similar to this "data\Textures\Actors\Character\FaceGenData\FaceTint\ImprovedRoads.esp\", where "ImprovedRoads.esp" equals the plugin name, and the "0000F620" equals what ever this version is then change those 8 characters to whatever the new form ID that the .nif was renamed to.

Extra Notes

If your using MO2 you can trick my utility into thinking the mod folder that contains the facegen data you need changed is the data folder by making that folders path to the value of "SkyrimDataFolder" in the config file.

If using high poly head you have to rename the textures and the the pathing to the texture as well inside the nif file. Unless the mod is standard with high poly head, maybe. Further testing with more mods this workaround does not work and its best to just rename all the files and set the pathing manually.

If you do not have the source code of a script from a mod you can use the "PapyrusAssembler.exe" to decompile the script. You need to install the creation kit that comes from Bethesda net launcher. Located inside of Skyrim Special Edition\Papyrus Compiler. copy the script you want decompiled into the folder. Select and create a shortcut for "PapyrusAssembler.exe". Open the shortcuts properties. Inside the target box, type
( "PapyrusAssembler.exe" "{Name of script without file extension}" -D ) no parenthesis and no squiggly bracket where the script name goes.

This may potentially work for Fallout 4 but I am not sure if its the same file pathing or system I do not know enough about Fallout 4 modding.

If anyone has anyway to edit nif files to change the pathing for the textures or if anyone has a already made a script to edit it please contact me. My workaround by not changing the name of the facetint files.

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