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A small, cozy loft player home located in Bolli's attic in Riften

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This is a small, one-room player home located withinin the attic space above Bolli's House in Riften. It is a separate cell accessed through a door on the back of Bolli's house on the large balcony that wraps around multiple houses in Riften. It features plenty of organizable safe storage space despite its size, with custom containers such as food crates, piles of books, crates full of bottles, etc alongside the usual barrels, chests, wardrobes, a safe, etc. Just look around the room-- many static objects such as the soul gem holder on the desk can be used to store objects. There's also a hidde wall safe under the desk that's kind of a pain to access, see pics for the optimal spot to open it. The open book on the desk functions as an enchanting table while the alembic on the shelf above it works like an alchemy lab. Both types of cooking (stew pot and baking) are available through a stew pot and baking plate located on the fireplace's hearth. Everything inside is a static object, so no need to worry about getting too much free gear at the start of a playthrough/knocking everything over. There's also a (cosmetic) door bar/deadlock that you can raise/lower (doesn't actually affect the door to avoid bugs), which is something I personally feel should be a staple for anyone living in Riften.

Bolli is a relatively nice dude and would probably be willing to rent out his unused attic space to someone looking for a place to live. To obtain the key in-game, read the book on the square table located just outside of the entrance to the attic (See pictures if you can't find it). If you want to pay for it, go dump 1k gold into Maramal's donation box in the Temple of Mara :)

I've tried to keep this place mostly compatible with basically anything that changes Riften. As long as it doesn't move Bolli's house, it should be compatible-- just make sure to load this mod BEFORE any other mods that change Riften so that they can overwrite what my mod might change. Should be 100% compatible with JK's since it doesn't change the porch the entryway is located on and I'm fairly sure it should be A-OK with Dawn of Skyrim as well (if not, let me know and I'll make a patch). It might not be compatible with Surjamte's Capital Riften Expansion out of the box once he's done with it but I will make a patch ASAP when it's released. I also no longer have an install of Skyrim with Open Cities so I can't make/test a patch, but if someone makes a patch for it they've got my permission to drop the file on this page or upload it on its own-- just PM me and let me know so I can put a link to it/let you upload it on this page.

There are a lot of static objects in here-- I don't get frame drops personally but if you have an older CPU, you might get some frame drops. It's a small room so it should still be playable

Known Issues
-The door looks a little weird when opening (kinda sinks into the darkness) due to the way the original building is
-For me, the candle on the table outside looks like its hosting a mini rave at nighttime
-The key on the keypeg next to the door might not be aligned with the hole if you have a mesh replacer. Just disable it with the console if its too ugly to ignore
-you can't really walk straight down the center of the alcove with the bed in it because of the shape of the roof, but you can walk to the side just fine
-the navmesh is a little wonky because i suck at navmeshing 

Other info

the name: I looked up "sleepy synonym" on google, apparently somnolent means something along those lines

Mods used in picture:
Cathedral Weathers
Silent Horizons ENB
Noble Skyrim
Skyrim Realistic Overhaul
Forgotten Retexture Project
assorted Rustic mods by Gamwich

You're welcome to upload any pics/vids you take inside the attic here as well, I always like seeing em :)