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Trees in Cities patch/variant for JK Skyrim

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Do you like JK Skyrim by jkrojmal (uploaded by Teabag86)?  
Do you like Trees in Cities by StupidDunmer (uploaded by CoffeeAddictUK)?  

Me too, and I made some adjustments so they can be combined or installed together, I'm on my fourth and final iteration now. 

Why did you do this?   JK adds lots at eye level, and it is wonderful stuff.   This is something extra to break up the skyline or roof textures when you look up. it's not a canopy or rainforest style if that is something you're looking for.

v4.2 Changes
-Shifts an aspen at the whiterun main gate

v4.1 Changes
 - Added three trees back to Windhelm (had been removed for compatibility , but I have added them back into different  locations.) 

v4 Changes-
- Adds two rocks to the bards college exterior (When looking out from the top of the Temple of the Divines at the bards college, the platform just "floats" in thin air.  Which would be OK, but you can clearly see how the rock foundation terminates in base game, and you were never really meant to have the view that JK enables.  This touches it up,  same thing with the two trees placed at the rear for Proudspire manor where the exterior wall floats over the foundation rock.) 
- Moved and scaled down some tree sizes in Windhelm to make the JK back alley navigation better,
- Moved a few trees to try to hide some of the awful/streaky texture you get in some places with BDS and Nordic Snow in Windhelm (don't expect a miracle here it's all over the city, but I can't live without these snow mods for the rest of the game.)
- Moved two trees to hide roots in Windhelm
- Removed two trees from Markarth as JK made them almost redundant.
- The final fly round in solidiute (a moment of silence for Roggvir please, he died about 15 times while tuning this plugin.)
V3- Moved some roots around JK's changes in Solitude and a tree in the Castle Dour courtyard  (it was clipping with an awning so I shifted it to a new location.) 

How do I install this?

You download and install JK Skyrim
You download Trees In Cities
You download and install the patch listed in the files section of this mod.

What did you do to make this "work"?

JK's depends on some vanilla assets that Trees in Cities moves, so I pulled JK's edits into Trees in Cities.  With that out of the way I walked round the game world adjusting the coordinates of trees to clean up clipping and keep the navigation paths clear.  Things like gates swinging into trees, trees blocking NPC idle markers and so forth.  I also pulled the trees from the Windhelm bridge because they have issues with some other exterior and bridge mods I use.  I am quite sure one tree move will fight with Better City Entrances, so you might have to disable one more tree with the console if you want to use this patch with that particular mod.  

The original authors could spend a lifetime trying to patch for everything, I did this for just for me and my load order.  Don't ask those authors about help or support for this patch, if it does not work, or you think it does not work, or you have any other issue because of this patch then consider your load order as incompatible and remove it.  (Maybe flip me the bird in the comments if helps with the disappointment :)

For reference I use this with-

Immersive Citizens
JK's Skyrim All In One
3D/Interesting NPC's 
Windhelm Bridge Tweaks
Legacy of the DragonBorn
Skyrim Flora Overhaul
You really could do this ingame with Jaxonz Positioner, but kinda sucks to rearrange the game world for each new character.

This is not my work, please like and support StupidDunmer/CoffeAddictUK and Jkrojmal/Teabag86.