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Makes the Pahmar Mercenaries more balanced.

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This patch will make the Pahmar Mercenaries- Outlanders (MIHAIL SSE PORT) more balanced.

Pahmar mercenaries are a great addition to the various bandit camps in Skyrim.

Unfortunately, they are extremely strong and only suitable at a certain time in the game. Any time earlier they will kill you on the spot, and later in the game they will feel too weak. The reason for this is that they are level 20 (with one being level 42) and their stats are very high (some stats are in the 60s). On top of this, their stats are set to "auto-calculate", meaning they are calculated up from there to level 20. This makes them nearly impossible boss fights until you are at least level 20 or 30 yourself. On the other hand, because their levels are fixed, they become unchallenging later in the game.

This patch changes the various Pahmar NPCs to make them level together with the player (old -> new):

Level 20 ->  Level 1-80 (leveling evenly with the player)
Level 42 -> Level 5-100 (leveling at 1.2 the rate of the player)

I made no changes to their stats, so they will still be much stronger than their level suggests.
But now you have a chance on low levels, and you can still get a good fight on higher levels.


Careful, there are two versions of this patch to choose:

pahmar mercenaries v2 sse - balanced

This is an ESL-patched flag which makes the above mentioned changes. You can add or remove this patch any time during the game.

pahmar mercenaries v2 sse - balanced ESL

This also does the same changes, but instead of adding an ESL-patch to your game, it will replace the orginal mod an turn it into an ESL. This way you will save an ESP-slot. However, because it changes the IDs, you should only install this from the beginning together with the original mod. You should not add this patch if the original mod has been in your game already before. Also, this patch cannot be removed later in the game without breaking your save.