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Draugr taunts in the dragon language are restricted to appropriate dragon cult-related encounter zones.

Permissions and credits
Not every Nord's great-great-great grand uncle would have necessarily spoken the Dragon Tongue, and I figured some of these ghastly geezers will just have to shut up (mostly) for good.

This mod makes changes to spoken lines managed under DialogueDraugr [QUST:0004C5A4] by adding conditional checks for appropriate encounter zones. All files are flagged ESPFE and take up no plugin slots.

USSEP edits the following lines to play only when draugr are in combat with living Nords or Nord vampires:
  • [INFO:0004C5A2] ('Sovngarde saraan!' in GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:0004C592])
  • [INFO:00016949] ('Daanik Kendov!' in GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:0004C592])
  • [INFO:0001695D] ('Unslaad Krosis!' in GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:0004C592])
  • [INFO:0001695E] ('Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!' in GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:0004C592])

The main file removes these race restrictions; all draugr with VoiceType CrDraugrVoice [VTYP:0001F1CD] will make use of the full complement of taunts in the appropriate encounter zones while fighting members of any race. Subtitles with English translations (added in parentheses based on CK data present in the vanilla files) are included in the main file.

Preview of updated subtitles:

Optional files available:
  • zone restrictions + no subtitle addon + no combat-target's race restrictions
  • zone restrictions + no subtitle addon + forwarded USSEP edits for combat-target's race restrictions (with coverage extended to non-vampire Serana and follower Miraak).

Note that draugr can randomly enjoy unrestricted evil laughter with any version of my mod.

Criteria for area coverage:
  • associated encounter zone;
  • presence of Word Wall;
  • population of cult-affiliated draugr.

Areas covered:

Exceptions justified by speculative lore:

Notes regarding compatibility:
  • No NPC, cell/location, or shout records have been modified in order to ensure maximum compatibility; shouts remain accessible to draugrs according to vanilla availability or otherwise defined by enemy overhaul mods.
  • Dragon priests are not very talkative due to how the game handles dialogue files: the folder associated with CrDragonPriestVoice [VTYP:00029986] by default lacks the corresponding lines for relevant taunts.
  • Draugrs will not be talkative outside of the mod's area of coverage (examples: hand-placed spawns in a vanilla zone, world event encounters, new dungeons with custom encounter zones).
  • Open permissions for patching, ports, or inclusion with other dialogue overhauls so long as credit is given.

Inspired by:
r/skyrimmods discussion thread about more lore-friendly draugr
Understandable Draugrs by Pandora
Translated Draugr by Electruamatized

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