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A small plugin which allows the player to craft Lunar Iron/Steel weapons at the Lunar Forge

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So while running around in-game, I found it a tad odd that the only way to get Lunar Weapons was to pick up the random ones which spawned. This seemed surprising so I dug into the game, and....yep. Looks to be the case. So I went around Nexus and to my surprise there wasn't a simple plug-and-play for this - one or two things for crafting, a major overhaul with Serenity, but nothing simple to just drop in and work with existing vanilla assets. So 20 minutes later, here we are!

Mod Details

So what's this do? It adds six recipes: one for sword, mace, and war axe for Iron and for Steel. Given the drops end up at the most powerful version at level 6, I didn't bother making crafting versions for each respective one. Those recipes become available with a given keyword, and a copy of the default forge type was made and named "Lunar Forge" which contains the keyword in question, and changed the reference to point to the new base. Finally, the recipes only appear between the hours of 10pm and 2am. Steel weapons require their respective perk.

That's pretty much it.

Lunar weapons aren't that great and are easily out-paced by other stuff, so I'm guessing this will mostly hold interest to folks playing with Legacy of the Dragonborn so they don't have to rely upon random drops. Each version is flagged as ESL, so as not to count against the load order limit.

Use a mod manager/organizer to install, or drop the loose files into you Skyrim data folder (don't do this, use a mod manager).  The forge is a persistent ref, so I'm not 100% sure whether the base change would be carried through onto an existing save. YMMV.

Versions provided for vanilla, Skyrim Reborn: Whiterun Hold, Silent Moons Camp Reborn, and Lunar Weapons Reborn. They each contain their own custom version of the Lunar Forge, complete with its own keyword, so my patch just leverages that keyword and doesn't create its own base/keyword/touch the ref. Lunar Weapons Reborn also has a crafting recipe for upgrading lower-level ones to the higher level one (including a level requirement), so I matched my recipe to those in terms of ingredients needed/level requirement.

Serenity - A Silent Moons Camp Overhaul is incompatible, but also accomplishes the same thing (although I think it's done via script?), so they shouldn't be used together regardless. Smithing overhauls like Ars and CCOR should be fine, but I didn't bother making separate versions to tie into their respective globals keywords.

Bethesda for Skyrim Special Edition and the Creation Kit
ElminsterAU for SSEEdit because dead serious this whole thing was just made in that.
mnikjom for Skyrim Reborn: Whiterun Hold and Silent Moons Camp Reborn
TheNoobyDuelist for Lunar Weapons Reborn