Skyrim Special Edition
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Pictorial guide and guidelines for custom (head)parts.

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Inside the zip file you will find the process I learned and used to make my mods.
Hopefully it will save the curious mind from headaches and time.

This is a pictorial guide accompanied with txt docs for the different stages and steps and how to set up the results in ck, making it game ready.

It´s meant to show how to manipulate vanilla assets and making your own. I´ll just say its for headparts exclusively, and that the rest follows similar principles. 

It is not easy, you´ll have to figure out how to follow through. The stepping stones are there and explained.

This means this shows how to use blender and other tools for this purpose.

Most likely you´ll have questions raised not directly related to this. There are plenty answered on the troubleshoots. If not, most of them are there to be found with google´s help.

I hope it´s not as hard as it comes across. I did what I could to condensate this knowledge for anyone to pick it up. 

edit: I may have, in a few instances, written right click instead of left-click, or vice-versa.. you´ll figure it out instantly.

Credits to 
megapatato for helping understand the tri files process.

MODS made
BeastHHBB - character options for Argonian and Khajiit and npc replacer
The Lost Masks
Beards of Power
Beards of Power - Sons of Skyrim