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Less is more. A lightweight overhaul of the exterior or Markarth. This mod add a third main tower on the city wall, a little inhabited farmhouse and a tower guard close to Salvius Farm.

Permissions and credits
Sadly, Markarth have not many exterior overhaul, so I decided to work on it. This mod doesn't add tons of clutter and dozens NPCs, I wanted this addon to be relatively small. This work is mainly a way for me to learn Skyrim modding.

/What's in this little expansion ?

◦ A main tower and its access.
◦ A farmhouse with two NPCs, Vusa and his adult son : Bedar who work in the Salvius Farm. Sadly they are not very chatty, Reachmens can be suspicious.
◦ I added a third tower guard to watch on the valley, the Salvius Farm and the Left Hand Mine.
◦ I decorated the place with some wood pikes inspired by the ESO Markarth. We are in the reach !
◦ I placed 2 city guards on patrol for the two towers.
◦ Fully navmeshed exteriors and interiors.
◦ For consistency, you will be able to see the top of the tower in the Markarth World space if you play without Open Cities.

This file is cleaned with SSEEdit.

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- Patch ESL provided for Open Cities in optional files.
- Compatible with any Markarth interior overhaul. (If I'm right)
- Should be compatible with any Civil War mods (Open Civil War or Civil War Overhaul) because I did not change the AI markers or the CW layout in the Creation Kit.
- My 2 city guards are same as the vanilla guards, so they will be replaced by Stormcloaks if you win the war with Ulfric.
- Any armor replacer for guards should be compatible.


- Obviously not compatible with any Markarth Exterior mods, depend how heavy is the mod.

/Load Order :

Markarth Exterior - A Basic Expansion > Open Cities > Markarth Exterior - Open Cities Patch


Skyrim Special Edition - Latest version
(!) Before installing any mods, backup your saves. I have no responsibilities if you lost something, have corrupted save or anything else...


If I have some time or if somebody bring me some ideas in the comment section, this mod can evolve.
I patch my mod only for my own load order, however feel free to send me your patches !
If you don't like the wood pikes, maybe I can create a version without.
I don't think my main file can be "ESLified", but I will probably try in future.

/Seen in my screenshots

- Cathedral Landscape
- Majestic Mountains
- Guard Armor Replacer
- Rudy ENB for Cathedral Weather


◦ Lumik - You're free to modify, take some ideas in my file or port on LE but you must credit me as original author
◦ Bethesda for this amazing game, and the incredible modding community for its creative power
◦ Fonts used : "IM Fell DW Pica" designed by Igino Marini

English is not my first language, I'm french, so I can do some mistakes