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Do you like so much Whiterun and are you tired of seeing everywhere old and rotten wood, old walls and dirt houses?! Well, I found a temporary solution to this problem. It's not perfect, but it works..

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It's been almost 10 years since I've seen the same Whiterun.. Almost 10 years of poverty, famine, civil war and other internal disputes.. Enough.. It's time for improvements, for a change.. for reconstruction.. It's time for Whiterun to shine, more than ever!..

(A week ago..)
Gold.. a lot of gold, was found in an old mine near Whiterun. Jarl Balgruuf almost died of happiness at the news. He has a old dream and he believes that the time has come to fulfill it: Rebuilding Whiterun.. So, he immediately sent some trusted people to search for the best materials and construction engineers, everywhere in Skyrim and across the borders. Very soon, significant amounts of new texture.. ("Whaat??!.. what are you talking about?!").. Hmmm, ups.. I mean, new materials.. gold and brass, marble and granite, wallnut and oaks wood, filled the castle courtyard. Jarl Balgruuf gave the order to start the reconstruction.. After only a few days, everything was almost ready.. BUT, there is a problem, a big problem.. The Jarl is not satisfied with the quality of the work and the professionalism of the engineers. Irileth was appointed to start a subtle investigation and soon, she discovered that all those engineers were nothing else but simple charlatans, some newbie, without in-depth knowledge in creating mods for Skyrim.. ("Hey, heeyy.. stop right there.. mods?!.. are you insane?!").. Ohh, sorry.. this is from another game.. I meant, without best skills in construction.. So, when Balgruuf heard this bad news, he instantly had a hearth attack.. He immediately called the aristocratic elite to him and they started a heated and endless debate about what happened. Balgruuf had decided not to give those newbie a chance, but a large part of the boyars opposed to this decision and suggested that they must also listen the opinions of others experienced modders.. ("cut.. cuuuttt.. try one more time").. Aaaaa, sorry again.. I mean, experienced people.. 

So, as I said, the meeting is still open.. and we are waiting for you to install this mod, to see what it is about, and to take part in the discussion.. Your decision is very important.. You have two answers: a) "He must be buried alive - in the cellars of the castle with this newbie".. or, b) "let's give him a chance, maybe until TESVI appears, he learns how to make better mods - anyway, he has no chance to compete with us, professional modders".. So, do you have something to say?! What are you waiting for??!.. Chop-chop.. Dig in.. Spring is coming soon..

So, what does this mod ?!.. It`s change the texture of Whiterun and interior of Dragonsreach/Temple of Kynareth..(see photos). 

I mention that this is my second mod and is a TEST - treat him as such.. Don't expect it to be perfect, it has various things that I didn't know how to do.. Also, there are no LODs.. Try using dynDOLOD or something else..
Personally, I don't have DynDOLOD installed and I have never used DynDOLOD, so I don't have LODs on any overhaul installed in my game.. I understand from others that it is not difficult to generate LODs, but I have never tried because I don´t need it..

That's it.. enjoy it or uninstall it..
Thank you very much ! 

What else (should) you need to know:

1) I use this mod together with the "CleverCharff's Whiterun 2k" overhaul (which I find it very well done and I recommend it).. In fact, (with his permission), I have included some items from him in this mod, and many others are retextured.. These are: GenericBanner/CityBanner, WhiteTreeBranch, Carpets, FieldGrass, KynarethTempleMosaic, Dragon Carving/HallCarvings, NailDecal, Windows, Rugs and some more.. Therefore, if you have already installed "CleverCharff´s Whiterun - 2k" or another version of "X.C.S  EXCESS - WHITERUN" is no problem, on the contrary, it is really recommended and practical, because, if you don't like something from this mod you can change it with texture from another version, or you can keep CleverCharff´s textures.. as you wish.. In the near future, I will be uploading some more versions of "XCS EXCESS - WHITERUN EXTRAVAGANT" which means that you can have a lot of freedom in creating your own Whiterun, changing the textures between mods...

 I use custom textures, tweaked/converted to dds. and adapted to my needs in Skyrim.. All textures are 2048x2048 and looks good in the game (except "gold hexagon tiles" - which look washed out and low-res on my 120 cm TV). 

I use a Strix 1080TI, i7 6700K, 32GB RAM, SSD, on an Asus Maximus IX mobo .. I play the game in 1440p on a 4K 120cm TV (with the video card set in "Control Panel" to 59 FPS), with an ENB, custom textures and 140+ mods, and with this texture installed I don't lose even one FPS.. 

Texture sources:  (licensed as CC0 and Royalty free)

(Thank you all for your hard work and for your willingness to share it, for free, with us).

*** Thank you Sam (CleverCharff) - for your permission and for your beautiful mods.
*** Thank you Bethesda - for this wonderful game.
*** Thank you Nexus - for this wonderful and free opportunity to be here, (among you, the real modders.. the gamers).. 

 English is not my native language.. I use "google translate" for the most part..