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Here it is, SOUL ENB back after so long away. This is a ENB Preset that empathizes on realism with a hint of fantasy mixed in.

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After a long Hiatus I have returned and brought back my ENB from the grave.

Updated with the latest Binaries from ENB DEV to bring you the most atmospheric and intense experience possible without dropping your framerate "to" much.

Of course this ENB also uses ENB LIGHT to its fullest potential without over blowing other aspects of the preset.

A recommendation to further enhance the preset:
Smooth Sky Mesh

This helps keep the horizon seam in check with the ENB's colors and transition.

This Preset will work with all Textures, Meshes, Sky, Cloud, and environmental spaces.

However this preset is Designed around Obsidian Weathers and a wonderful new mod, LUX.

Want your snow storms to get crazy?

Try out using Supreme Blizzards

This preset after 100s and 100s of hours of tuning, is actually quite easy to install and run, here is what you need:

ENB DEV v0.452
Obsidian Weathers and Seasons
Smooth Sky Mesh
ENB Helper Must have for Weathers to be covered.
:Installation of ENB:
Download the Binaries from the link above.  Copy from the Wrapper Version inside the zip, only d3d11.dll and d3dcompilier_46e.dll.
 and move to you Root Skyrim SE Folder.  This is typically C:/steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition/

Note:  Make sure in you video driver settings to have Shader Cache turned on.  Initial run of this preset will take time to load, no worries, after it has the shaders cached, start time will be considerably shorter from then on. A couple tweaks that I have personally made in Nvidia that may interest you are as follows:

If interested I can also supply SkyrimSE INI's that I use as well.

After that, unzip this preset and move into the same folder, easy peasy.
The Mods above can be downloaded of course with whichever flavor of mod manager you have.

A special thanks to my Husband for getting me back in the game.
Nexus for giving us this platform to share our creations.
Boris and crew at ENB DEV for the development of the ENB Series so we are able to take games further then ever expected.

And all of you folks out there that enjoy our work!