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This mod ads an invisible wereable object with HDT-SMP phisycs that allow the character to turn smoothly, getting completely rid off the camera snapping animation.

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What does the MOD do?

Due to bethesda´s old engine It is quite impossible to fix the turning animation with a script, so I created an item that automaticaly appears in the character´s inventory as a ring called "The Wolf Ring", that can be worn normaly with backpacks, capes and clothes (don´t worry, it´s invisible). However, I couldn´t figure out how to make it undroppable, so be carefull not to accidentally drop it.
For the mod to work you have to wear it all the time.

If the item isn´t working please check your HDT-SMP config XML, located in: Skyrim Special Edition/data/SKSE/plugins/hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs. Open the xml file and set  clampRotations to true. 

Help needed:

I noticed a minor bug concerning the HDT-SMP tool that makes the character shake a little bit when moving the camera left and right while walking, I was wondering if there´s a fix for that that doesn´t envolve setting clampRotations to false since 3rd Person Camera Snapping Animation Fix uses solely this feature in order to fulfill it´s purpose. If you know any solution to this, please leave a comment and feel free to tamper with the mod if you wish, I appreciate your help! Anyway, have fun, and good game! 

PS: The item scripts added came from the HDT Artesian Cloaks: