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***** UPDATED ***** Malin Matsdotter is a young witch that is awaiting to join dovakiin's adventures.

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Malin is a young witch that history claims was burned, other claim she was hung, but was she?! Really?! Maybe not since she has arrived to Riverwood. Malin seems to have been able to flee from a unpleasant fate, from the witch hunters. She is not that bad, just a bit misunderstood by some superstitious maniacs.

  • Class: Conjurer
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Black
  • Race: Nord (Face based on Briton)
  • Clothing: Farmer
  • Weapons: Staff
  • Inventory: Ebony Armor
  • Spells: Healing
  • Location: Riverwood, near the mill
  • Personality: Friendly and charming.
  • Essential: YES
  • Marriageable: Naturally

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KS Hairdos
Beauty Stunning Eyes Remastered