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Your normal attacks will briefly stagger opponents. Requires SPID.

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Arrows will stagger enemies as well. Spells will not (there's already a perk for that). This doesn't affect power attacks, they will behave as before. Also, enemies will not stagger you, only you will stagger them. Unarmed attacks (including werewolf and vampire lord attacks) won't stagger. Massive targets like dragons, giants and dwarven centurions will not be staggered as well. And most monsters (like spiders) don't seem to be affected by this kind of stagger. It will work like a charm for humanoid creatures.

Notice: you cannot, by default, staggerlock enemies. If an enemy is already staggered you cannot stagger them again. You need a separate mod for that (unfortunately said mod is hidden right now).

There were mods doing this already, but they used a perk to apply the stagger, which made them incompatible with a lot of combat and perk mods. My mod should be compatible with everything.

Thanks a lot to AshenShugarII, for guiding me in the process of making this and helping me make it performance friendly. Check out their work!