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When you take fall damage, you twist your ankles and ragdoll. This makes parkouring off mountains dangerous

Permissions and credits
  • When you take damage while falling, you twist your ankles and ragdoll.
    • If you land on flat ground, you take a moment to stand back up.
    • If you land on a cliff, you continue falling to your death.
  • This makes parkouring off mountains dangerous.
  • 2 options:
    • Rag doll damage changes with difficulty.
    • Rag doll damage remains the same regardless of difficulty.
  • ESL-flagged

  • A single quest that listens to jumping animation events

  • Install whenever.
  • Uninstall whenever.

  • To upgrade from 0.1:
    • Uninstall the mod
    • Make a save
    • Clean save with Fallrim Tools
    • Reinstall the mod
    • Load that save


  • Probably compatible with everything.

Q: Why?
A: Why not?

Q: How is fall damage calculated?
A: In Skyrim, fall damage is based on fall starting height and fall ending height. So it doesn't matter if you are slowly sliding down a gentle slope or falling off a cliff, as long as the vertical distance is the same, the fall damage will be the same.