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Ettins are abominations with two-heads and an immense fury for all living beings. Descendants of an ogre tribe cursed by Malacath himself in remote ages, these tormented beasts of incredible strength, but limited intellect, are all that an adventurer does not want to encounter.

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Ettins are abominations with two heads and an immense fury for all living beings. Descendants of an ogre tribe cursed by Malacath himself in remote ages, these tormented beasts of incredible strength, but limited intellect, are all that an adventurer does not want to encounter. Like all Orc-kin, Ogres are protected and guided by Malacath, who has always had them as the embodiment of His strength and wickedness. While Goblins represent cunning, and Orcs represent honor and bravery, the not-so-intellectually brilliant Ogres have always been an aegis of brute force for Malacath and for all Orc-kin.

The paths of Malacath are arduous and unforgiving, with no room for softness or weakness, and the value of the battle is always present in the minds and hearts of those who follow this Prince. One can imagine, then, how much Malacath was disgusted when a tribe of Ogres began to develop a pacifist and animistic stance towards the world, and to all who inhabit it. Skilled at the use of magic, especially more creative and less destructive schools, these Ogres began to preach a less violent lifestyle, the abolition of cannibalistic practices, the development of agriculture, a system of government based on wisdom, not force , among other changes that began to affect even other neighboring tribes. It is important to note that Ogres in past ages, although never particularly bright, were more developed than in the fourth era. The existence of magic among them even occurred, although Shamans were generally oriented towards destruction magic, and the principles of the Malacath path. However, as mentioned, this tribe began to question these principles, and to seek a different path.

Enraged, Malacath ordered those still loyal to Him to withdraw from the tribe, and found a new clan, which led countless Ogres to leave the influence of the tribe's Shamans and those who decided to stay and follow them. This divided several families, and affected the simple hearts and minds of these creatures, divided between loving their God and patron, or their families. While the new society founded was maintained in its habits of brutality, the one that remained in the new doctrine flourished, expanding and prospering, and even initiating exchanges with other races, breaking the generalized prejudice against the stupidity and irrationality of the Ogres. Members of other tribes approached, learned, and set out to spread the message of the new conduct.

The eminent "corruption" of his sons infuriated Malacath, who ordered that clan made up of exiles from the now prosperous tribe to attack and decimate their former relatives, destroying any idea of ​​a new path for the Ogres. However, already touched in some way by the pacifism and kindness of their former comrades, who never failed to provide them with supplies and attempts at rapprochement, the leaders of this attack group refused to follow Malacath's orders. In the sequence, everyone else on the new clan joined them, also refusing to attack their families, wives, mothers, children, and the kind Shaman leaders of their former tribe, pleading with Malacath not to order them to do so.
Seeing that this half of the tribe was also corrupted, and enraged by all this insurgency and attempted revolution, by those who were never brilliant enough to even question the most basic orders, Malacath then cursed them, saying that since they loved so much each other, now each exiled Ogre would be merged with a member of the pacifist tribe, being condemned to live in the same misshapen two-headed body, until death took them, when then they would be punished eternally in Malacath's plan of Oblivion, the Ashpit.

Having said that, the two tribes merged, giving rise to deformed and distraught creatures. The terror of the promise of eternal punishment, coupled with the constant conflict of two totally different minds and hearts having to share and command the same body, quickly led them to madness. The tribe was destroyed, the now crazy two-headed monsters spread across the world, abandoning their ideals of pacifism, nor maintaining Malacath's original path, but now being a simple embodiment of hatred for everything that is natural and harmonious, and that makes them clear opposition. The other Ogres, too simple to understand what really happened, thought this was the simple consequence of a wrong path, and quickly abandoned everything they could have learned from this ancient and peculiar tribe, now transformed into misshapen and crazy beasts. Ostracized throughout the Orc-kin, at the behest of Malacath himself, and feared for their furious and maddened behavior, the two-headed beasts were spreading, occupying uninhabited places, usually in a solitary lifestyle, since the conflict between two minds in one body is the maximum company they can handle.

These minds think differently, desire different things, and each control their side of the body, therefore needing to come to consensus for basic actions such as walking and eating, which is not always the case, leading the Ettins to have a slow and clumsy behaviour. The side formed by the warrior Ogre is more dominant, a little more muscular, and uses his physical power to wield a large and heavy club made of wood and stone, while the side formed by an Ogre (formerly) pacifist and oriented to magic, although smaller, and weaker, uses powerful magic of destruction, wielding a staff decorated with gourds and feathers.Their bodies are greenish just like Ogres, but they are twice the size of one, being slower and more noisy, both heads constantly arguing with each other. The magic side uses ornamentation and clothing typical of the ancient Ogres shamans, while the warrior side uses heavy rusty iron armor parts, decorated with bones in the shape of thorns.

According to the Orc Wisewomen, Malacath cursed the Ettins to reincarnate for ages until the end of Kalpa, always as children of the same cursed species, until they were sent to the Ashpit in Oblivion, to then continue to be tortured by Him.Thus, when on rare occasions two Ettins (or four depending on the point of view) tolerate eachother enough time to produce a child, he will be the reincarnation of one of the original cursed ettins from ages ago.Interestingly, they seem to have some connection, and even to train, some predators like bears or wolves, sometimes being seen with them, in the remote places of the tundra where they live isolated from any civilization.They can also, rarely, be seen near hags without showing hostility to them, which makes many scholars think that in fact they are the product of dark magic from Hags that mutated the Ogres and that the whole legend involving Malacath is just folklore and orc children bedtime stories.

The origin of the name Ettin is believed by some scholars to be derived from the word Twin,
and how the Orc-Kin, and Ettins themselves, managed to pronounce it.

- 1 new creature: Ettin

- 2 new weapons: Ettin Stone Club and Ettin Staff


Mihail- ettin model, texture, animations, sounds, weapons, magic, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

CD PROJEKT RED- for the piece of raw pork meat that they wear at the waist (re-textured by me to match the ettin look),
and for the leather bag they wear at the breast (also re-textured to match the ettin armor and clothing)