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Adds 20 Redguard Male Followers to various locations around Skyrim!

Location, class and Background(if you really wanna know) down below.

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  • Class: Two-handed Warhammer
  • Location: Dragonsreach
  • Backstory: Once a travelling carnival actor who became renouned for his various feats of strength. While in Skyrim he was presented with a belt fashioned after that of the god Tsun as a sign of honour. He now serves as a bodyguard to the Jarl of Whiterun.


  • Class: Two-handed Knight (his sword has a unique fear enchantment)
  • Location : Understone Keep, Markarth
  • Backstory: The son of a noble house of Daggerfall whose roots lie with the Forebears of Hammerfell.
  • He has taken up the knightly tradition of adventuring and has wound up in
    Skyrim as a result, attracted by the prospect of Dragon Slaying.


  • Class: Spellsword + Two-handed (He wields a unique silver blade)
  • Location: Moorside Inn
  • Backstory: A Monster Hunter who makes his living tracking down and dealing with various types of creatures for a modest sum of money. He has gained the ability to see in the dark as a result of Alchemic Experimentation. He is a member of the Dawnguard and an old acquiantance of Isran's.


  • Class: Sorcerer (His spells scale as he levels up)
  • Location: The Arcanaeum, College of Winterhold
  • Backstory: A talented Wizard who long ago graduated from the College of Winterhold, whose promise to a friend cost him half of his soul and condemned him to madness. He now resides in the Arcanaeum, seeking knowledge that might reverse his condition.


  • Class: Dual-Wield (Axe and Sword)
  • Location: Dead Man's Drink, Falkreath
  • Backstory: An Adventurer who died fighting the Forsworn. His body was resurrected using Wild Magic to guard the Karthspire.
  • As some of his memories returned after years of servitude, so did his old thirst for adventure.


  • Class: Spellsword (He carries a unique Scimitar)
  • Location: The Winking Skeever, Solitude
  • Backstory: He is a Corsair who has travelled the seas of Tamriel since childhood. His unique blue tattoos cover up scars from wounds he sustained from Dreugh tentacles while serving on a whaling ship. He has seen many strange sights at sea and now seeks to gain experience on land.