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Reconversion of the Hearthfire small house in a Trophy Entryway. Now with Heljarchen and Windstad support, with optional no exterior changes !

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Hearthfire Trophy Entryway

This mod will reconvert the entryway of your Hearthfire home into a trophy room. Now, you can make your manor entrance really impressive and enjoy your best mounted specimens each time you push the front door. I also made a small improvement for the exterior entrance to make it look like a real manor entrance.

There is 6 trophy bases (2 large and 4 small), one safe chest, and 6 weapon racks. There is an optional version -for each manor- with no exterior changes (without the different door model and planters).


Before installing, you must be sure the entryway is completely empty :
You must at least have built the small house, doesn't matter if you already turned it into a entryway or not. The important is to have it empty for the installation :

- If you have not yet build the manor, first build at least the small house, do not furnish it and then install the mod.
- If you have already furnished the entryway, you must delete any furniture and objects using the console commands (disable or markfordelete. Make a backup save before.)


This mod only adds new furniture and objects and doesn't delete or change anything from vanilla to prevent bugs and glitches. It should be compatible with many others Hearthfire mods, except those making changes to the entryway.

This material is not made, guaranteed or supported by ZeniMax or its affiliates.