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Expands the bandit camp at Robber's Gorge with more fortifications and more enemies. The location can now be claimed for Hjaalmarch hold or either side of the civil war, as part of the Lawbringer framework.

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The Lawbringer framework, alongside a few of EpicCrab's independent mods like Tactical Valtheim, allows us to claim most major bandit camps for the local hold guard, or the civil war faction of our choice. This means that over time, we'll actually make Skyrim a safer place, and won't have to clear out a new band of brigands every several weeks.

Robber's Gorge, however, is a notable exception and cannot be claimed. This mod sets out to remedy that, and in the process I've somewhat expanded the camp. The Robber's Gorge bandit camp is now centered around the crumbling remains of an old Imperial watchtower - likely dating to the height of the Septim Empire of the mid-Third Era - and there are more overhanging bridges with more bandits to shoot down on you from atop them. These connect the watchtower to a new section of the camp built partway up the cliffs around the back.

I've roughly doubled the total number of bandits, so clearing the location will be a bit more difficult than vanilla, particularly if you have other mods that make combat more deadly or which multiply the number of enemies that appear. Once you've defeated the original inhabitants, you can claim the camp at a banner by the chief's shack, and a garrison force from the faction of your choosing will take their places the following day.

Robber's Gorge Fixes by lilebonymace is integrated into this mod - go give the original a download and endorsement. Credit also goes to EpicCrab for providing an updated plugin to support Lawbringer v1.3.