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Makes bound weapons better by reducing magicka cost, increasing swing speed, changing damages, cast time and many more! All these tweaks keep the game balanced.

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LE Version


Makes Bound Weapons stronger. With regular Skyrim, they are a weak and not the suitable choice since they are only stronger early game. This mod aims to fix any issues with Bound Weapons.

All options are customizable in the FOMOD.


Does not make many changes to default Bound Weapons. To use all of the mentioned effects, you will need the Mystic Binding perk.

  • Changes duration from 120s to 3600s (1h). Unsheathe to dispel. 
  • Moderately increased swing speed.
  • Cost 0 magicka to cast to fit better with non-magic builds that use Bound Weaponry.
  • Increased base damage
  • Increased critical-hit damage.
  • Soul Trap effect is now 60s instead of 5s to avoid massive sound effects played when fighting a tough enemy.
  • Bound Arrows do not have a gravity effect meaning they cannot fall and will fly straight.
  • Changes to Mystic Binding Perk description to better fit this mod
  • Built-in FOMOD installer.


- Skyrim
- Dragonborn
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Compatibility Patches

- Ordinator Perks of Skyrim
- Vokrii Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim

Recommended Mods

- Any combat mods
Armor Rating Rescaled SKSE Remake
Speed Casting SKSE Remake

Load Order

Allow LOOT to sort it for you


INCOMPATIBLE with any mods that modify the Bound Weapon stats such as damage, attack speed, reach and of those the same kind.

This mod is compatible with mods that ADD more Bound Weapons in Skyrim. If you find any incompatibilities, please report them in the comment section.


Credits for the mod go to its original mod maker. Feel free to do anything you want with this mod as long as you give proper credit and if you are going to upload it on another website, put the NexusMods link with it.