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Reshade with PD80's Shader pack installed
This is a lightweight Reshade preset for use without ENB. The frame rate hit is 0-3 depending on area. 3 flavors to choose from depending on how dark you want nights, and interiors.

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Lucid-Icrous Reshade Preset




1, 2, and 3

Reason for this mod:

I run an older system, and a modest 140 or so mods. Most of those are city overhauls, hi-res textures, weather, and lighting, flora, and grass/trees.
As such my poor old rig was on the ragged edge of 60 FPS, and dips into the high 40s in some areas.
I wanted the eye candy that comes with ENB but my system, and game couldn't take the framerate hit (I tried).

Having played with fakeHDR by Timeslip in Oblivion I had some experience tweaking post process shaders.

So began the journey to bring better graphics to my game while preserving my framerate as best as I could.

This is the result.

Version 1 uses 2 shaders and has dark nights and dungeons. Bring a torch. you'll need it.
Version 2 uses 3 shaders and is darker than vanilla but could still get by without a torch in most instances.
Version 3 uses 4 shaders and is for people who want as close to vanilla lighting everywhere  (No torch required) but want the increased depth of shadow/ highlights, and more vibrant game.

See videos below for comparison.

Lucid-Icrous Lightweight Reshade version 1 Video

Use this if you want to HAVE TO use a torch in some instances to see.

Lucid-Icrous Reshade Version 2 Video

Brighter nights, Brighter in dungeons, Brighter at night during storms.
Use this if you DON'T want to HAVE TO use a torch to see.

Version 3
All the color enhancements with vanilla lighting. Video was done with in game brightness slider  in the middle.


- Download ReShade -
- Install it and follow the instructions. Choose your Skyrim SE game.
- When prompted choose DirectX10,11,12
  -!! IMPORTANT !!
  Make sure to install PD80's shaders. This preset is dependent on them, and will NOT work correctly without them.

- Close Reshade when installation successful
- Download Lucid-Icrous Reshade Preset, and unzip to your Skyrim Special Edition folder
- Run the game, and press home key to pull up the reshade window.
- Select Lucid-Icrous Reshade.ini


Open. Do what you want with it.


PD80 for awesome shaders.

Enjoy it :)