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Provides levelled encounters with hostile npcs while walking on the surface world. Not the Genesis mod that only populates dungeons. This one deals with dangerous npcs while walking from town to town, etc.

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In the beginning, there was emptiness. .  . and from this void came forth vile, from the disobedience of a single man.
His wickedness took place in the form of betray and lies, and his actions would spread a dark curse over our promised land.


A "light" version of surface encounters for those who don't prefer the full Sands of Time experience.
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     What is It?  A standalone mod which adds random vanilla surface spawns to make your travels more fun!
     The mod is extremely lightweight.  We do not recommend using with our normal Sands of Time mod as that would be overkill.
        The differences between Genesis Surface Encounters and SoT Surface Encounters are as follow:
        (The dice roll is very similar.)
        1) The placement of spawns are totally different:
             Sot: uses invisible ghosts that dynamically place spawns where appropriate
             Genesis: uses nearby trees and plants and road parts to find suitable spawn locations. this technique was first developed for our Fast Travel  Encounters and Consequences stand alone module.
        2) Type of enemies is very different:
            SOT: Features a lot more variety in enemy types (though some would argue that not all are lore friendly or make sense--not that we listen to them.)
            Genesis: Only spawns bandits during daytime, and about 4 different types of other NPCs at night.  (Such as vampires, werewolves, undead, afflicted, and bandits are still possible too.)  They are levelled in this version.

FAQ: But I have Genesis already, why do I need this???
The other Genesis mods only spawn npcs INSIDE dungeons, this is the first one to spawn them on the surface.  The other Genesis mods have a surface option but it is limited to the area immediately attached to the dungeon entrances.  And only because the game engine considers those areas dungeon cells.

     For those that care to know: Our original Genesis Dungeon spawning mod became quite the hit rather fast.  It is a light-weight easy to use mod which adds random dungeon encounters throughout the dark, dank, cold underworld of Skyrim.  This version of the mod brings those life-threatening experiences to the surface would now too!


    1) No nonsense, simple surface encounters
    2) Book menu to select frequency and numbers
    3) Night brings more dangerous encounters
    4) You decide how far away encounters spawn
    5) Mod can be paused if desired.

     Step 1) Backup your save game in case you wish to uninstall the mod at a later time.
     Step 2) Download and install with your preferred mod manager.
     Step 3) Ensure the ESP is active (ticked)
     Step 4) The mod supplies you with 10 Friend Flowers.  Give one to each of your followers to exempt them from counting as friendlies.  The mod will not  
                  spawn hostiles if friendlies are near.
     Step 5) The flowers can also be used to mark an area safe.  Typically your house.  Simply drop a few around the house.  Each flower will protect a radious of
                  1500 units.  This prevents the mod from spawning hostiles if player is in that zone.


     Step 1) Deactivate (untick) the ESP
     Step 2) Remove with your preferred mod manager
     Step 3) Use Savegrame Script Scalpel by flexcreator to remove any orphaned scripts in your game
     Step 3 - Alternate)  Reload and restart game using the previously saved backup from Step 1 during installation
     Step 4) Continue on in Skyrim with wimpy enemy numbers

    The mod is compatible with everything. However, we do not recommend using it with our normal SoT mod as that would be overkill and stressful on system resources.


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