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UHD Ready Texturemod for Farmhouses.

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Real Remastered Retexture is a overhaul that replace the cheap upscaled original textures.

It keeps the original visual setting, a bit more cleaner. Farmhouse will always look poor.
Real 2K - 4K Textures in this Edition.

Original Textures are most simply upscaled and sharpened. This is a waste of VRAM and gore for the most full HD and UHD users like me.
Some Texturemods use only Bump or De
tailsmasks in 4K and overlay this with the original textures. This is a fast and easy way but looks bad.
Other Texturemods use unique textures which looks good but they breaks the original Skyrim visuals with too noble or grungy textures.

I try to renew the most important textures from the ground up and keep the original size in most cases and make it sharp enough for UHD by directly look at it. This Version is only for the Farmhouse Setup. If you like it, let me know and I will work on the next one.

This is also my first mod at all. My hobby is texturing, modelling. No Projects atm, so why not use my knowhow for Skyrim?
Tools that I use: Substance Indie Bundle,, GIMP

HQ Diffuses and Albedos
HQ Normal maps with Specular alpha
Always looks natural, realistic and immersive
Performance friendly (same resources as original)
Parallax will come if ENB support it in Skyrim SE

Recreated the Shape/Pattern from Original
Fits with the original UVs (Stonewall, Fireplace, Roof)

Looks beautiful with vanilla Skyrim, ENB and ReShade
100% Compatible with Flora Overhaul and SMIM

For the screenshots I use:
Skyrim SE Re-Engaged ReShade and ENBVivid Weathers Special Edition | SMIMSkyrim Flora Overhaul SE

Really good/Better Stonewall texture:
aMidianBorn farmhouse and roads stonewall

V 1.1

Fixed a problem with the carriage.
Image is better then words 
Some other equal problems with this texture should be fixed too!

Adjusted the seems of woodwall01 exactly to the Vanilla texture.
Add more cracks on the ends of woodwall01.
Woodwall01 has now a lower resolution and less specularity.
(Like the Vanilla texture)

Extract the archive to your Skyrim or Skyrim Special Edition destination.
For Example: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition
Override if you want.