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Adjusts the height of some beast races
german and english version available

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This mod adjusts the height of some beast races in Skyrim (incl. beast races in Dawnguard and Dragonborn). Giants, dragons, mammoths and trolls will be bigger; mudcrabs, dogs and skeevers will be smaller.
Here a list of the actual modifications:
  • Dragon (incl. Alduin): 100% -> 125% (deleted in v1.2)
  • Giant: 100% -> 150% (male Ghostgiant: 110% -> 150%)
  • Mammoth: 100% > 150%
  • Troll: 100% -> 125%
  • Snow Troll: 100% -> 150%
  • Skeever: 100% -> 75%
  • Dog: 100% -> 75%
  • Mudcrab (male): 75% -> 50% (yes male mudcrabs are smaller)
  • Mudcrab (female): 100% -> 75%

There is also a version that caps the size of trolls and giants to 125% instead of 150%.

It does not modify any other things like damage output, AI, loot or graphics.


I recommend to use a Mod Manager like NMM. Just follow the installation steps there.

For manual installation unzip the downloaded file to a temporary folder. Pick one of the 4 ESP-files, that you want and copy it to your SkyrimSE Data folder. You can choose between the normal english, the normal german, the english version that caps trolls and giants to 125% and the german version that caps trolls and giants to 125%. Activate the mod ingame in the mod menu.


Just use your Mod Manager to uninstall.

For manual uninstallation delete the file "ProperBeastSizes.esp" in the SkyrimSE Data folder.


It can happen that giants, mammoths and trolls will get stuck at some places, where they can't get through anymore, because of their height.

You can activate or deactivate the mod whenever you want, it will not harm your savegame.


Feel free to translate this mod to any other language, but please credit me as the original author.
Do not publish any modified version of this mod - you can ask me if I will modifiy it by myself.
Do not publish this mod or any translation somewhere else - it is Nexus-exclusive only.