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Add the NPC adventurer parties to each towns and add many travelers to skyrim.

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Add the NPC Adventurer parties to each towns and add many Travelers to skyrim.

This is not "Additional Encounter Zones". All NPCs is continuous data in the Game and live the life of each NPC.


NPCs will visit towns and dungeons.
They will find their next destination automatically and dynamically by Keyword and Reftype.
Pick it at random from all available location in game, including Solstheim and other additional Locations if you have the DLCs or another additional location Mods.

All NPC's body size, race and male/female outfit and weapons is randomly selected, when spawn.
NPCs respawn immediately to random location when died.
Re-selection outfit and weapons and race and male/female at that time.
Dead body is maintained for a while.

You can adjust the number of peoples by MCM Menu. if SkyUI installed.

- The initial values of Number Of Peoples -
Adventurers: 54
Travelers: 64
Robbers: 28
KhajiitAdventurers: 3
Dovahkiins: 6

-- Adventurers --
They are the adventurers three-person group.
The group consist randomly from Fighter, Caster, Rogue.
They are hunting bandit and creature during the day, in the dungeon and cave and bandit-camp. sometimes enter into a cave and dungeon.
Spend the night in city or town, as possible. they select different destination every time.
Adventurers has a friendship with Player and Travelers.

-- Travelers --
Travelers is nearly unarmed civilians.
They are back and forth between each city and town.
They enter the tavern and shop and temple in city.

-- Robbers --
They are the armed Robbers.
They search and kill travelers indiscriminately. but does not kill vanilla NPCs. and they cannot enter large city.

Adventurers is hostile to Robbers.
Vanilla citizens does not intervene in a this battle. this design for useless death avoidance for Vanilla NPCs.

-- Khajiit Adventurers --
They behavior is the same as Adventurers. Spend the daytime at Riverwood.

-- Dovahkiins --
The Dragon slayers other than you.
Their destination is Dragon's nest.
They wearing horned helmets and use the "Shout" in combat.

All additional NPCs is Not hostile to the Player by default.
You can choose Ally, Friend, Neutral or Hostile for each type of NPC by MCM Menu.

== Compatibility ==
This mod does not direct reference to the Cell. Vanilla data is not modified at this mod.
Probably Has Compatible with all other mod.

Randomize NPC feature is also implemented by few another mods.
In that case, You can turned off this feature by MCM Menu. If you activate both mods.

Copy the all folder into your Skyrim\Data folder. if you want manual installation.

Recommended "clean save". If you have an version 0.4.

1. open MCM menu and select "Delete All Actors" then exit.
2. delete mod files.

Thank you for your comment And endorse.
I'm sorry about my poor English.