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Simply some mesh conflict resolution patches I made for personal use.

Permissions and credits
If you have Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB, SMIM, Blended RoadsELFX, Assorted Mesh Fixes, Unofficial Material Fix, Dlizzio's Mesh Fixes and Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes in your load order, you'll find a few mesh conflicts between each other that no one bothers to patch.  Now you have an OCD patch for you, hooray!

What my patches actually do:
My patches either combined changes from conflicting mesh fix mods or applied mesh fixes to SMIMBlended Roads or ELFX models.

Load Order Instructions:
The load order for assets(left panel in mo2) should be Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB->SMIM->ELFX->SMIM - Quality Addon->Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes->Unofficial Material Fix->Assorted Mesh Fixes->Dlizzio's Mesh Fixes, otherwise you'll need some additional patches to be conflict-free. Blended Roads shouldn't matter as long as it's placed below SMIM.

If you have No Sunlight Through Mountains installed, simply put it under Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes then you're good to go.

Assorted Mesh Fixes - SMIM - Blended Roads Patch should be placed under SMIM- Assorted Mesh Fixes Patch.

SMIM - Quality Addon - Unofficial Material Fix Patch should be placed under Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB - ELFX - Unofficial Material Fix Patch.

Brumbek for SMIM
wSkeever for Assorted Mesh Fixes
elzee for Unofficial Material Fix
Dlizzio for  Dlizzio's Mesh Fixes
wizkid34 and lilebonymace for Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes
T4gtr34um3r for Blended Roads
anamorfus for ELFX
mindflux for Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB
MrNeverLost for Solitude Mesh Fixes
Pfuscher for SMIM - Quality Addon