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SkyTest - MysticLands adds Unique new races with their abilities, powers and Lore.

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SkyTEST - MysticLands

**This mod is a PC Exclusive... and is strictly forbidden to use this mod in consoles.**

Dear Nexus Moderators, if i am somehow breaking a rule, please give me a warning or send me a PM instead of just instant ban, i am always willing to correct humbly any wrong doing.

Many thanks to everyone who has Endorsed, Voted, Gifted Steam Games or Given Small Donations,who ever you guys are, thank you!

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SkyTest - MysticLands Mostly adds Unique Elven new races with their own abilities, powers and Lore. Each race comes as both Adult and Teen version.

These races are more aimed at people who preffer to Role Play. So please check the Lore.txt provided in the Download Section for aditional info regarding more in Depth info of the Lore.


* All Silimaurë are immune to Disease.
* All Silimaurë have Enhanced Natural Healing abilities (5x In Lore but 2x In Game)
* All Silimaurë have 15% boost to Attack Speed.
* All Silimaurë have 15% boost to Movement Speed.

Starting Attributes -

- Light Elves:    +30 Starting Magicka 
- Sun Elves:       +20 Starting Magicka
- Forest Elves:  +10 Stamina
- Sky Elves:       +10 Magicka


- All Silimaure receive twice the damage from Poison, (Forest Elves only Receive 10% More Poison Damage instead of 50%).

Starting Penalties -

- Light Elves:   -150 Base Carry Weight Points, -50% Unarmed Damage, -40 Health Points & -20 Stamina Points. 
- Sun Elves:     -120 Base Carry Weight Points, -25% Unarmed Damage, -20 Health Points & -20 Stamina Points.
- Forest Elves: -100 Base Carry Weight Points, -25% Unarmed Damage, -20 Health Points & -10 Stamina Points.
- Sky Elves:      -160 Base Carry Weight Points, -20% Unarmed Damage, -50 Health Points & -20 Stamina Points.


* Light Elf: (Feldari Silimaüre)
- "LightBorn", the Light Elves are born closely connected to Aether, which allows them to Channel Magicka <100%> Faster & Absorb <50%> Magic Attacks for 30 Seconds.

* Sun Elf:  (Gaddari Silimaüre)
- "Sunshine Ray" allows them to increase their Restoration Magic by 50 and increase their magic pool also by 50
- "Leadership" Increases the Efficancy of Speechcraft by <50%>  for 30 Seconds.

* Sky Elf:  (Mohdari Silimaüre)
- "Banshee Scream" allows the Sky Elf to use their super sonic voice to stun and stagger their opponents.
- "Shout of Horror" allows the Sky Elf to shout and make their enemies retreat in horror.
- "Voice of Seduction" allows the Sky Elf to Calm people or creatures during a fight.

* Forest Elf: (Wahdari Silimaüre)
- "Nature Speak" gives them the ability to speak to Nature and call for Aid to animals and Spriggans who are in the area (can be casted continously)
- "Quickening" allows the Forest Elf to further increase their Silimaure agility and Speed by 10% for 30 seconds.

Shadow Elf: TRAITS (Twndari Silimaüre)
- Shadow Elves have 50% Resistance to Disease.
- Shadow Elves have 50% Resistance to Magic.
- Shadow Elves have 25% Resistance to Poison.
- Shadow Elves Posses increased Attack and Movement Speed by 10% (Equivalent to Silimaure Agility) 

Starting Penalties -

- Twndari: -10 Starting Magicka & -10 Stamina Points


* "Dark Vision" gives them the ability to see in the dark for 30 seconds (can be casted continously)
* "ShadowBorn" allows the Shadow elf to become invisible while in the Dark areas for 30 Seconds (can be casted continously) 
Their Bodies have more Physical strenght compared to the Silimaurë tribes and can match human strenght. 


There are 12 new Spells that can be acquired from this mod.

Dark Matter Spells- (Recuit Drona in Winterhold and take them from her inventory)

Most of these spells were developed by Drona Bärrow in Back in Nahara, while others were developed in Skyrim after she witnessed the DragonBorn Shouts, so she made equivalent spell versions and improve upon them.

These are all MASTER level Spells and require massive amounts of Magicka and time to Cast, but their power are well above anything seen in Skyrim. Be ware that most of these spells are quite OP (NO PLANS TO CHANGE THIS, if you don't like it don´t use them)

Arcane Armor - Pure Arcane protection, absorbs all types of Damage up to 95%.

Black Missile  - A Destructive Dark Energy Missile that does 120 points of Magical damage to Health and Magicka while causing Stagger. 

Dark Bolt      -  An Extremely powerful Spell made out of an unmesurable tiny Black Hole that can do 300 Points of Magical Damage on contact, Drains Health, Staggers and Disintegrates the Target upon Death.

Dark Swarm   -  This spell launches incredibly tiny particles of Dark Matter that causes the target to be stripped of Energy, causing 40 Damage per second while forcing the target to stagger.

Negative Beam  - It's Black Missile bigger meaner cousin with a prision record, it's a pure beam of Dark Energy. It Causes most Targets to evaporate instantly.

Kinetic Burst    - The Spell version of Fus Roh Da with improved damage. 

Kinetic Explosion  -  A Shockwave Version of Kinetic Bust, sends enemies flying in a radius from the caster. Perfect when surrounded by enemies.

Time Lapse    -     A Spell that slows time for everyone excepts caster, making it seem as if Caster is Moving incredibly fast.

Light Spells- (Recruit Ehlanna near Helgen and take them from her inventory.)

These Spells were developed by Ehlanna BrightLight as she travelled through Cyrodiil. Most of these spells are Light based spells with some Restoration or Turn Undead based. These are also Master Level Spells and also require large amounts of Magicka to Cast.

Searing Light - Creates a hovering light that lasts for 60 seconds and Slowly Heals Caster.

Light Spear - A Solid Spear of pure Light that can hurt any type of enemy. Does 100 Health points of damage. If used against Undead it also Turns and Burns them for 3 seconds.

Serendipity - Friendly to the Living but Hostile toward the Undead. A multi use Spell that exorcises Undead and makes them Burn for 10 seconds. If alternately casted on any Living Beings, it will heal 50 Points of health and may calm them down if Hostile.

Mass Exorcism  - A mass Light spell that Exorcises any Undead surrounding the caster, it may also disintegrate Lower Level Undead.


There 3 Recruitable Characters, two of them can be found Waiting on Winterhold, the other one can be found little further from Helgen.

Ehlanna BrightLight

She is currently considered to be an early Teen at her age of 82 Human years. She is always curious and looking for adventures, she is Daughter and succesor to the throne of the Great King "Ehlennor", who founded  the city of MoonLight and established the Kingdom of Ehlannia. Her mother Queen Taliyah died in the process of giving birth. King Ehlennor was ambushed and murdered by Ork Raiders outside of the City of MoonLight when she was a kid. Ehlanna being the last of the Feldari Silimaure, was raised by Anarade who was serving as an elite Soldier for the Royal Elven Guard due to Ehlanna giving Anarade a "Puff-flower" (common to MoonLight) and starting strong bonds between them, the counsil of MoonLight decided to give Anarade the role of Ehlanna`s "Tempa", which Means her personal Maid and Protector.

Personality: Innocent, Naive, Romantic, Energetic, Sometimes Wise, Adventurous, Fragile, Very Talkative, Playfull and Curious about Humans.
Race: Feldari Silimaüre
Age: 82 Human years.
Class: Light Healer.
Likes: Sweets, Puff-Flowers, Crystal Shiny objects, Adventuring.
Dislikes: Undead, Grö-bak
Specializes: Healing 

Anarade RootLeaf -  

She is native to the Eternal Forest where she spend her first century as a Dryad tending the Great Oak Tree, when she turned 145 she headed to MoonLight after request by King Ehlennor for Warriors to all Silimaure tribes. When she arrived at MoonLight she enlisted as soldier where she quickly climbed to the status of "Elite Royal Guard" for her exeptional abilities. Anarade was choosen by the Elder Counsil to be Ehlanna´s Personal Maid and Protector. She is Ehlanna´s closest and most beloved friend and will fiercely defend Her with her own life as She loves Ehlanna as her own Child.
Anarade is one of the most skilled warriors with a bow through all the Land, and she is also known to be on par with the "Elite Royal Guard" with Silimaure Martial Weapons (prefferably Dual Wielding), she is also an expert in acrobatics and like all Forest Elves she is also a really quick runner.

Personality: Serious, Protective, Honorable, Nature Loving, Loyal, Strong Willed, Competitive, Distrustfull of non Silimaüre.
Race: Wadari Silimaüre
Age: 208 Human years.
Classes: Druid, Archer, Warrior.
Likes: Other Silimaüre, Herb Mixturing, Bows, Sparring and Acrobatics.
Dislikes: Orks, Minotaurs, Shadow Elves.
Specializes: Archery, Nature Bonding.

Drona Bärrow -

She was sent to infiltrate the City of MoonLight (where only the Silimaüre are accepted) posing with Magic as a SkyElf. She was able to rapidly climb her way into MoonLight Royal society gaining their trust in order to murder Ehlanna as a Child. She failed at the last moment thanks to Anarade constant Protection and was sentenced to Death by the Elder Counsil, but Ehlanna showed her mercy and allowed her to scape. She has been completely accepted in Silimaüre Society and now has strong bonds with Ehlanna and Anarade. She occasionally likes to steal and pickpocket from others and go back to her old ways. "Theft" is an everyday thing in the underground city of Crobhaw (an ability that has proven to be usefull many times in their adventures). She used to be an Assassin deployed by Clan Barrow before acending to Matron of Clan Barrow. She has since been expelled and marked for death in Crowbhaw by the rest of the Twndari for failure of murdering the Successor to the Throne.
Personality: Cold, Promiscous, Intelectual, Charismatic, Intimidative, Technical, Arrogant at times, Rebelious.
Age:   229 Human years.
Class: Assassin, Thief, Warlock.
Likes: Females, Male humans, Secret Arcane Arts, Dwarven Runes and Magical Artifacts. 
Dislikes: Half-Vampires, Clan Droevi, Orcs. 
Specializes: Dark Arcane Arts, Thieving and Sneaking.

They all ended up in Cyrodiil a Year before the events of Skyrim while Investigating  an Ancient Silimaüre TimeWarp Ruin. They been adventuring and investigating several Ayleid Ruins searching for Varla stones in order to open a portal back home. Varla Stones are supposed to store massive amounts of Energy but most of the ruins were already raided of all their valuable Artifacts, so they only found a few of them and run out of hope until they found a misterious man who told them about the Eye of Magnus, who just may be what they´re looking for. So they headed North of Bruma and into Skyrim.

While entering Skyrim and heading to Whiterun, a small Caravan of travellers who was also passing at the same time as them got ambushed by Imperial Soldiers, in the confusion Ehlanna got separated and taken as prisoner by the Soldiers. Now Anarade and Drona are trying to catch up with the Imperial Caravan who took her. But having noticed they were chasing the wrong caravan, as it seems the main one split into different directions. So now they are trying to catch up to the one heading Helgen, but some strange Noises been rumping the pace of forest... when they arrived Helgen was in complete Ashes, as if hell had just broke loose... they can´t lose faith, maybe Ehlanna Scaped towards Whiterun? If they can´t find her in there they may head directly to Winterhold and wait for her there, as it was their final destination in Skyrim. Little do they know that others of their own tribes also inhabit the Lands of Skyrim...


Unrar SkyTEST-MysticLands.esp & bsa and place them inside Data Folder which is located inside Main SkyrimSE Folder.


Create a new game without the mod, due the current state of the mod uninstall is not recommended...

Version History

Click the Changes Tab to see a list of Changes.


Add some quests and some secrets.

I am looking for someone who wants to help with scripts and quests, if you got the technical experience and are willing to help this mod, send me a  E-Mail at [email protected]


XP32 based skeletons -

MysticLands uses slightly modified versions of the original skeleton to fit the desired proportions for each race and adult/teen version, if you try to put any cloth or amor based on XP32 or any variant of this skeleton, the game WILL CRASH... It's even stated in XP32 Description. Is not really an issue with this mod, it´s the way those skeleton handles meshes and animations path with "FORES New Idles". Not much i can do, since i am unwilling to use any different skeleton if i can't match the desired proportions for each race. Don't use such Armor/Clothes on any of these races but any other armor/cloth based on the original Skeleton should work fine, which is 95% of all armors out there. 


I do not own or claim to have created most of the assets used in this Mod.

(All Assets within this are either from "Modders Resource" or i was given personal permission from the authors to use the assets.)




MikoYork (I used some of his "Handsome Male Elves" Retextures which are used in the new male ShadowElf race, he created them, i did not so all credits for him)                             

Apachii (for allowing me to use few of her "ApachiiSkyHair" meshes, all credit goes for her)

Xenius  (I used some of his "High Quality Eye" and "Brows",  Textures, all credit goes for him, he created them)

WolverineHowlett (I used some "More Muscular Men" texture normals used in male Orks, all credits goes for him, he created it)

Tigersan (I Used some of his "Female Muscle" texture normals used for Female Orks. all credits goes for him, he created it)

Caliente (I used his "CBBE" body mesh for the Adult Silimaure female Races. all credits goes for him as he created it)

Dimon99 (I used his "UNP" body mesh for the Teen Silimaure Female Races. All credits goes for him as he created it)

Ning    (I used "The Skeleton of Female Models". All credits goes for him as he created it)

radiorage (for allowing me to use few of the "Oblivion Hairstyles 5". All credits goes for the team behind them)

azarkiowa (For allowing me to use one of his "Ponytail Hairstyle". All credits goes for him as he created it)

Sader325 (I used his Mystic Elven Armor Shield HD Texture for an unique Shield, All Credits goes for him as he created the textures)

Nuska  (for Allowing me to use her Head Assets from "Ethereal Elven Overhaul" which i used for few of the Female Silimaure Head races, all credits for him/her)

Nevenbridge81  (I used his "Natural Eyes" to give a little eye color variation to the Silimaure, all Credits goes for him)

NanaBeats&Nuska (I used few of their "NUHairstyles" for the Silimaure, All Credits goes for them both.)

ZZJay   (I used many of his Modders resource mesh Hairstyles for all Silimaure, all Credits goes for him.)

helloSanta (i used his SG Female Textures Renewal for Teen Silimaure Faces, All credits goes for him)

Danariel   (I used his "Pretty lips" tint for the silimaure faces, all credits goes for him)

MissShazira (I used her "Porcelain Vampire Skin" for the Teen Silimaure Bodies, all credits goes for her)

Uni00SL  (saved me a ton of time with his Template AI packages)


By downloading this file you agree i am not responsible to what ever could happend to your PC by using this file, use it at your own risk.

You may use and modify the SkyTest-MysticLands.esp as you please, but credit me if you do so, but you may not modify or use the assets included in this mod, which most are not made by me, so ask their creators first.

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