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Reconditions the Skill comments from Guards, avoiding the .. unfortunate situation in which they comment on your high Lv destruction Magic when youre exclusively using Twohanded Weapons

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Im sure weve all been there:
Play a Warrior making use of Heavy Armor and Twohanded Weapons, putting all your points into Stamina & Health, Heavy Armor & Twohanded Weapons but even so, that Novice Restoration Spell is still one of your best buddies to spare some Potions
10 Levels later or maybe 20, Restoration hits 30 and Guards start complementing on your live as a Healer - very fitting indeed.

Or how about our Alteration Mage being all nude in the middle of town with nothing but their Mage Armor being complemented for their usage of Light Armor because they were using it in the beginning of the game until Mage Armor became a viable alternative! 

An Illusionist that just needs happens to be a Vampire Lord, making use of their Form because Illusion is utterly worthless against Dragons will be complemented for their Destruction Magic - a Skill that they never openly used, ever. They dont even know how to do fire!

There are many Situations where you level up Skills that arent part of your character build for one reason or another. Sometimes those dont bother a lot, sometimes theyre just plain annoying. I mean who wants to be called a Saint for studying Restoration first and 5 seconds later the next Guard insults you a mean thief because you happen to loot Dungeon Chests!

  • Minimum Level for Skill Commentary increased: 30 -> 50
  • Skill Commentary now requires you to have the first Perk in that specific Perk Tree
  • Dialogue that requires a specific Weapon Type now checks for that specific Weapon Type instead of specific Weapons of that type*

*e.g. "Keep your arrows in their quiver, archer." should now work with any bow (previously this was only available for Long-, Imperial, Orcish, Dwarven & Ebony bows)

  • NOT compatible with anything that removes or replaces the first Perk inside a Perk Tree
    *Compatible with Vokrii/Adamant
  • NOT compatible with anything that edits the same Dialogue Lines this mod edits
  • Compatible with Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (RDO)
  • Will conflict with Guard Dialogue Overhaul (GDO). Load this mod AFTER GDO
  • Some patches included (Ordinator, Immersive Armors & Cutting Room FL