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Collection of tweaks in form of individual modules to various aspects of the game that I found lacking.

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M'aiq's Tweaks is a collection of little modules designed to improve upon some things in the game that I personally found lacking.

"There are tales of many powerful magical rocks and stones in Skyrim, but M'aiq has seen many adventurers visit only one or two of them. Curious, no?"

Standing Stone overhaul:

"M'aiq once searched the ground for calipers, suddenly he was invisible to those around him. This is very confusing to M'aiq."

Stealth tweaks:

"M'aiq wonders if bows in Skyrim are made for gnomes. Good for dodging. Not so good for shooting."

Arrows & Bolts tweak:

"Magic is very difficult yes? Yet M'aiq sees many novice mages perform feats of masters with no trouble."

NPC magicka usage tweak:

"Sometimes M'aiq likes to attack bandits and mudcrabs from the shadows, but he does not do it often in fear of hurting his ears."

Sneak attack sound tweak:

"M'aiq does not understand why some would carry only five coins in a pouch. It seems impractical. And not very fun to take."

Coin pouch tweak:

"Fighting makes one tired. But adrenaline makes one not tired. So which one is it, hm?"

Combat regen tweak:

"M'aiq never bothers with this "dual casting" nonsense. Much better to cast a spell twice anyway."

Dual casting tweak:

Here are some tweaks you can do yourself to further improve archery.

Improve arrow/bolt firing angles:
-- Go to "\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition" and open the file Skyrim.ini with a text editor.
-- Add the following lines under [Combat]

Fix not being able to strike very distant targets with arrows/bolts:

-- Open the same file as above.
-- Add the following line under [Actor]

If you use a bash patch, I would recommend loading M'aiq's Tweaks after the bash patch to avoid the bash patch potentially reverting some changes.

Here are some mods I would recommend using in general, but especially alongside M'aiq's Tweaks:

Make loot feel more special by reducing how much you find with customizable values.

One of the best perk overhauls if you somehow never heard of it before.

Excellent tweaks to the magic of Skyrim.

Archery Gameplay Overhaul
Fixes everything wrong with archery in Skyrim, except arrow/bolt speeds.

Combat Gameplay Overhaul
Greatly improves combat in several ways and makes it feel less dated.

Tweaks other aspects of combat and makes the game feel more lethal and fair in a balanced and customizable way.

Better Jumping
Allows you to jump while sprinting among other neat features.

Immersive Movement
Fixes the slightly strange movement speeds of Skyrim perfectly.

Improves racials very well.

Trade & Barter
Incredibly useful mod for fixing the very broken economy of Skyrim in a way that's tailored to your tastes.

Dynamic Potions
Perfect way to make potions heal over time in a balanced manner rather than instantly, has other features as well.

SSE Display Tweaks
Allows you to easily play Skyrim at a much higher framerate without any side effects, among other features.